Covid19: "The public has not been impacted the way the media and health officials have lead us to believe." - Granite Grok

Covid19: “The public has not been impacted the way the media and health officials have lead us to believe.”

COVID Fear Monsters and panic

We have tried to do our part to pull the mask from over your eyes, and we can say with confidence that our readers are better informed than most.  Better than consumers of any other media in New Hampshire, and much of the country.

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Becasue we’re not afraid to share expert opinions that rub against the approved narratives.

We were ahead of the curve on chloroquine (and hydroxychloroquine), and that they were effective, highly regarded globally, and NIH and Fauci knew this as far back as 2005. We covered the political hit and disappearance of the company that did it. Our own Ed Mosca was all over the failures of the grotesquely inaccurate Murry Model from go. We shared the evidence of CDC incentives to inflate numbers and the observations of Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, studies and research from premier Universities and observations from physicians dealing directly with patients from all over the globe. And we shared several of the questions brought up in the Plandemic Movie teaser.

Oh, and a small library of reports of media and political malfeasance to scare America.

At no point has the political response in the US come close (except in a few states like South Dakota) to the reality of the virus, a problem that continues to this day. To quote Dr. Fauci, because the media never will, and neither will the politicized Fauci at this point, COVID19, is no more virulent or dangerous than regular flu.

And there are thousands of medical experts who have come out against lockdowns, masking, and warned about the uncounted lives ruined or lost by these unnecessary tactics.

But some State’s are heading for lockdown 2.0. Major retailers are issuing mask mandates. And if you have gone outside lately, and if you read these pages you probably have, your communities are still trapped in a false fear – most if not all are wearing masks.

So, we’re not done yet. Dr. Kelly Victory has a long resume and extensive history that she’ll gloss over in the video below. Long story short, she knows of what she speaks, and she is here to talk about the facts.

“Outside of New York City, this virus has essentially been a nursing home problem. The general public has simply not been impacted the way the media and public health officials have lead us to believe.”

The video is 20 minutes (she starts at 0:47 sec.), but it is worth the time and your attention.

Let me know if this gets pulled down. I have an archived copy.