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Shelter in Place is Not About Health it is About Politics and a More Permanent Form of Confinement

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The tyrannical left wants to let inmates out of jail – people who are confined criminals and might be contagious. So they can what? Shelter in place among the potentially infectious law-abiding public?  

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Does that sound like there is no penalty for refusing to shelter in place? You can’t put them in jail so what then, is the point? If it is unconscionable to confine people because of the risk of infection, and it is unconscionable to allow them to be out wandering around if they refuse to confine themselves, then what?

Maybe Democrats like criminals more than law-abiding citizens? Then why, as a matter of policy, do Democrats like to pass laws that make law-abiding citizens into criminals? Is this how they make friends?

No such luck.  This is all about confinement. One from which you can never escape. 

Confine the economy. Lock it down. Do whatever it takes to destroy as many small businesses, jobs, and livelihoods as possible. Lockdown individual success and replace it with dependency. Because something like .0007% of GraniteStaters (for example) has a certain Flu. 

In contrast, at a minimum, 56 million Americans got Swine Flu, and we didn’t bat an eye. It’s not about health or care. Shelter in Place is about politics.

When Marxist Mayors Donchess and Craig (Nashua and Manchester respectively), or any other wide-eyed chicken-little NH leftist demands that Governor Sununu lock down the state, it is not out a concern for public health. It’s political.

Faced with a wipeout in November and no appealing top tier candidates the Democrat Party’s only hope is to confine the economy.

These people are political operatives first and foremost and on the record not caring how many lives such a thing ruins. Leftist media pundits, celebrities, Democrat political leaders, and even Nashua Democrat Deb Stevens are on the record. It is all a price they are willing to make you pay if it improves the odds of getting rid of Trump and electing Democrat majorities.

The demands for shelter in place are not to limit contagion. They are to constrict prosperity in the slim hope that a Democrat will replace both Gov Sununu and President Trump. Two guys who have overseen the rise of their respective economies, after years of economic confinement under Democrats, to historical greatness.

That leads us to the most crucial question of all. Regardless of what Democrats think they mean or what happens, who would be better equipped to help us recover economically from whatever befalls us in the coming weeks or months?

The answer is Chris Sununu (for New Hampshire) and Donald Trump (for America).

The alternative is the people who could care less about your economic future. Why the hell would you let them run anything, let alone a government that can grant itself unlimited use of force to confine you for whatever passes their fancy?