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NH Democrats Are Gunning for ‘Racist’ Franklin Pierce, But Why Not Just Go All the Way

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I’m not sure what they plan to do about his statue in front of the State House, but Franklin Pierce is in danger of being canceled elsewhere in the State. “Both the UNH Franklin Pierce Law School and Franklin Pierce University are receiving pressure to rename themselves.”

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Pierce never owned slaves and personally opposed what he called “involuntary servitude.” Nonetheless, Pierce believed the Constitution allowed for slavery and did not do anything to abolish it, said Peter Wallner, the author of a Pierce biography.

Pierce supported the Fugitive Slave Act, which was signed into law before he took office and allowed for the capture and return of runaway slaves, said Wallner, former library director of the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Pierce’s most infamous nod toward slavery was signing the Kansas-Nebraska Act into law, which allowed settlers in the two territories to decide whether they would be free or slave states.

But Franklin Pierce University (it used just be a college) produced Craig Telfer, the Outsports ‘Female’ athlete of the year. Craig, who goes by Cece now, took his trans talents to the races and beat out all those biological women to claim the 400-meter NCAA Div II Women’s hurdles crown. Isn’t that fabulous? 

Telfer is black, and a transwoman, from a college university named after a binge-drinking, pro-slavery, New Hampshire Democrat. It’s hard to be more #woke than that. But alas, tis not enough. The rage machine is a ravenous beast that feeds endlessly on the emotions of virtue-signaling leftists whose tantrums never seem to end.

Maybe you’d better get after Henry Augustus Lukeman’s legacy. He created the statue of Pieces in Concord. Or how about Bowdoin College, which I realize is up in Maine, but they gave Franklin Pierce his law degree. And then (of course) there are lawyers in general. The mob wants to rename the UNH Franklin Pierce Law School, but shouldn’t you get rid of lawyers too? It’s not like you are ever going to follow the law, especially when you write it.

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So, where does it end? Frankly, it doesn’t. But Democrats are no more interested in ending racism than they are in protecting women’s rights. It’s a wedge issue to advance their political power. Once they have it, you’ll get tossed to the curb like a two-dollar whore. The only identity group that will matter are rich oligarchic corporatists and high-ranking left-wing politicians.

Which gets us to the matter at hand. The cure for what ails us. This niggling about the edges is never going to get the job done. And these half-measures, knocking over a statue here or renaming something over there is street theater.  If we want to make a truly lasting contribution to the goal of addressing the historical context of systemic racism, the Democrat party needs to be toppled and mothballed like some unpleasant relic of history.

They are, after more responsible than anyone for slavery past and present.

We need to rid ourselves of Democrats. Only then can the healing begin.

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