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It’s Democrats That Are “Killing” Black Americans

All Lives Matter

The majority of blacks who die in America do so in cities that have been run and controlled by Democrats for decades. Complete top to bottom control of the government, the police force, everything.

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The idea that anyone else is responsible for whatever plight exists is projection on the highest order. And no, Black Lives Matter is not interested in that plight either. 

If Black Lives Matter…

If the current riots and protests are (if we take them at their word) aimed at saving black lives, then why are they focused on the smallest number of lives lost? Blacks killed by whites account for less than 1% of black lives lost to murder.


FBI crime data - Black Lives Matters Graph

Based on this FBI crime data, white folks kill more white folks than they kill black folks. More white folks get killed by black folks than the other way around.

And while I bet there are a ton of other injustices that we could discuss, most of those are the fault of Democrats, so let’s roll with that; because it is painfully evident that this latest tantrum has nothing to do with racism or black lives. Their motivations are political, and the truth is damaging to their cause.

Far more people have died while under the “protection” of Democrat mayors, city councils, and their police forces. An endless stream of Left-Wing Politicians who made the legal right to self-defense by law-abiding citizens if not difficult then nearly impossible. 

As for Black Lives Matter, if they cared about black lives, they’d be opposing Democrat anti-gun laws and abortion on demand. They would work to get fathers to marry the mothers of their first child and to do whatever it takes to stay married. 

BLM could use all that corporate money they get to build private coalitions to teach work skills and help folks find jobs. Or provide grants or loans to start-ups that create jobs. They could support school choice options with scholarships and then lobby local government to fix public schools run into the ground years ago by (you guessed it) decades of Democrat rule. 

But BLM has no interest in any of that because they are nothing more than another Liberal funded front group amplifying racism as a tool to advance Democrat socialism. Black Americans who feel cheated or oppressed are worth more to BLM’s agenda than any other. An agenda they share with the Democrats who run these cities.

So, as the Collective-Left attempt to tie anyone they can (mostly, on the right) to racism, let’s stop and take a breath. And then ask Democrats why (if Black Lives Matter) they have focused their ire and energy on less than 1% of black murders (by whites – and the tinier percentage of those that are by white police officers) and not the 57% of all murders in the US that are black on black?

And why is your response to support riots that have destroyed minority lives and livelihoods over what amounts to only 0.95% of the problem?

A problem that gets worse if you defund the police or drive them out of minority neighborhoods. Places where the only people with weapons are criminals who can only better their lives (thanks to the culture the left has created) through crime.

So, you can chant and wave and march, but as long as we have one-party Democrat rule in these cities, nothing is going to get better, and it is probably only going to get worse. 

The solution is to stop voting for Democrats before they get you killed.