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Quick Takes – Hat Trick

I intend to write a 9-11 piece soon, but please give it a couple of days.  Meanwhile, three quick-hit-style bits of news with comments:

More Sleight-of-Hand by Democrats and the Media

Most conservatives are utterly bewildered by the national apathy toward the ongoing border crisis.  They wonder why more Americans aren’t outraged by the onslaught of unscreened aliens illegally flooding across our border, or by an American President who ignores our immigration laws, who is unilaterally dismantling our border controls. Only a very small number of …

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Far side 400x

Woo Han Flew

The evolution of acceptable thought on the left is a thing to behold. What was verboten a few months ago becomes possible, then probable, then likely. Take the Wuhan lab. Before the year ends, it may be fashionable to accept that SARS Cov2 originated there.