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Supreme Court Equal Justice Under Law

COVID19 Laws for Thee But Not for Me

We are in a crisis of the elite which has been simmering for quite a while. The pandemic has brought it more clearly into the open. The result is that people today are less likely to take politicians, the media, and “experts” seriously, for cause.

Portland riots 3

Biden Unity Speech Won’t Age Well After Trump Wins

A rabid Liberal in the town of Hollis has erected a large lighted peace sign in her field. Just in time for the call to unity. After four years of being egged, attacked, implicated, accused, threatened, doxxed, and assaulted, they want Republicans to believe they want peace. No, they don’t.

God, America and our Constitution

God America and our Constitution … Punish Non-Believers?

God, America and our Constitution used to be worth voting for. In today’s society, reality is often a creation of the media from thin air. Elitist “thought leaders” develop a narrative. Big tech and the media push it. Yes, even if that narrative is false.  This gives the narrative a perception of being true.

American Flag2

BlogQuestion of the Day – Why, Indeed?

Hillary has kvetched since 2016 that her Presidency was stolen from her. No, she did win the popular vote – she just decided she didn’t have to play the Electoral College game. Trump did. Now we see that the media and the Democrat Machines understood how important that game was – and they gamed it.

Who Gets the Big “L” for LOSER in this election?Seat

Who Gets the “L” … LOSER this election

Who gets the “L” for LOSER in this election? There was no blue wave. That is simply the result. The presidential election remains a coin toss. Contested vote counts seem likely to turn the process of sorting it out into a legal battle.