Franklin Pierce Senior Craig Telfer is Outsports "Female" Athlete of the Year - Granite Grok

Franklin Pierce Senior Craig Telfer is Outsports “Female” Athlete of the Year

Craig CeCe Telfer NCAA Womens Champsion

If you missed our earlier reporting on Craig Telfer, he won the NCAA Women’s Div II 400m hurdles. A B-team male athlete who, as a transwoman, beats the other girls with room to spare.

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In the 400-meter hurdles, Cece Telfer (formerly Craig Telfer), a senior from Franklin Pierce University, blew away the rest of the eight-person field, finishing nearly two seconds ahead of the second-place athlete.

Well, that got someone’s attention. Outsports has named him their “Female” athlete of the year. And there were, according to Outsports, plenty of transgender women (men) to choose from for the honor.

But in terms of making an indelible mark on sports history, CeCé Telfer of Franklin Pierce University sprinted to the top of the list with her groundbreaking victory at the May 2019 NCAA Division II National Championships. Telfer beat her closest competitor by a second and a half, winning the 400m hurdles at Javelina Stadium on the campus of Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas.

Outsports is about featuring LGBT athletes who are out. But what about the LGB women athletes?

They need to be happy for Craig. If you dare to complain, be prepared to get canceled. Like the seven biological women who lost to Craig in the 400-meter hurdles and the thousands of biological women athletes (who happen to be LGB) who were not nearly as impressive or #woke enough to attract the attention of Outsports, possibly because they lost to men participating as women?

Hey, it’s your culture. I’m sure you’ll work it out. Or, maybe you won’t.