Democrats Aren't Interested in Freeing People. They are and Always will be About Finding New Paths to Slavery - Granite Grok

Democrats Aren’t Interested in Freeing People. They are and Always will be About Finding New Paths to Slavery

Chains, children, shackle, slave

You may have noticed something. Everything is either white privilege, white supremacy, or both. Hand signals, long words, math problems, even the bowl haircut.

We’re old enough to remember when, just after the 2016 election, outlets including LA Weekly, the Washington Post, and Esquire all ran pieces on white nationalist Richard Spencer’s haircut — a basic undercut that suddenly became known as the “Hippler” or the “fashy.”

The simple explanation is that it has nothing to do with hair or hands. It’s all an electoral strategy.

Trevor Loudon explained it last night. All that people of color stuff you hear from the left. They need to keep people upset; convince them they live in a racist nation. Even millionaire celebrities of color preaching injustice from their posh American money provided mansions works. If they keep that up they can build a 51% coalition in southern states and claim the office of the president in perpetuity. A majority in the US Senate and probably the US House.

It’s the real Southern Strategy. It is why they want to make 22 million illegals into citizens overnight and however many more they can get in the country. It is why, until they can do that, they want licenses for Illegals.

Sure, free stuff is great, but all that really matters is votes. But how do you flip them and keep them? Especially in an economy with the best minority unemployment ever? Soak them non-stop in hate rhetoric. Wear them down. Teach it to their kids in school.

If you don’t win this time around you might still get there two or four years later. If you do win, declare all illegals citizens and we lose a handful of reliable Republican southern states to the Left. 

And it is the only Democrat strategy that is actually “colorblind.” If you are Black or Latino or any color at all and you don’t get in line, you are a white Supremacist hater.

It’s as I often state. What makes you different is irrelevant if you don’t toe the left’s line

This is not going away. They won’t stop until they get what they want. The only cure is to keep them out of office and out of power at every level of government. You need to support and share alternative media that isn’t beholden to the left and its narratives. And get involved, talk it up, and vote.

Democrats are not interested in freeing people. They are and always will be about finding new paths to slavery. And they will say or do anything to anyone or about anyone to get there. Including lying about the party that freed the slaves, fought for their rights, and most recently opened up the economy to free them from the shackles of government dependency.

Democrats want them back.

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