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Democrats Only Want Power (video)

RNC video Power Screen grab Tyranny has many forms

The RNC has been doing a great job setting the tone under Trump instead of just reacting to Democrats. They are also doing good air-cover in general. This latest video makes the case that for Democrats, It’s All About Power.

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I talk about this (seems like) every week. The blind pursuit of power. Tossing anyone under the bus that gets in the way including members of the so-called victim groups for whom they claim to advocate. Percy just wrote about one an hour or so ago. A Democrat woman who opposes the party leadership’s conception to birth abortion policy.

There’s no room for her in that party because abortion isn’t about women or rights or healthcare it is about laundering resources (taxpayer-backed whenever possible) into Democrat campaigns and political power.

It’s all about power. 

Rights, property, free speech, laws, constitutions, if it gets in the way it has to go.


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