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Democrats Free Health Care Scheme a Lot Like NH Dem Vote Fraud Scheme (It’s About Power)


Democrats in New Hampshire’s neighboring states (mostly Massachusetts and Vermont) like to vote in the Granite State? They are encouraged to do that. Invited. Because here, their vote can make a difference. And actual residents get to pay the price for that.

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Democrats who support free health care for illegal aliens have a similar plan. You pay to incentivize an invasion of likely Democrat voters.  People with any condition, the more serious, the more likely, would crowd into our country so you could pay for their treatment.

Liz Warren says we can afford it. Bernie Sanders says his plan would cover it. But Bernie has admitted that it would cost the middle class a lot of money in taxes. And like genital herpes, that’s forever. Even if you remove your genitals on the taxpayer dime, it’s still there.

No escape.

But “care” much like the New Hampshire Democrats war on resident voting rights, isn’t the point of the plan. Getting Democrats from neighboring states to tip races to the left is about political power. And so is offering free anything, especially medical care, to anyone. Attract lifelong dependents, convert them into a voting block that will protect the welfare program that attracted them, and it is over.

The left sells the rainbows because people want to believe. But it is all a lie. Reality has a different future planned for them, and us.

The trillions that will get sucked out of the economy every year have to come from somewhere, and it’s not the government. They are just a middleman. A broker with police powers and an exceptionally high handling fee. This plot to create the one-party state via medical incentives (or college, or anything else) will take money away from everything else.

Wages, jobs, opportunities, innovation, infrastructure, science, national defense, everything we already pay for along with 22+ trillion in debt we’re not paying down. Social Security, veterans’ benefits, retirement plans, and pensions, every promise we can’t afford will suffer. Many will cease to exist.

They’ll cut benefits. Services will decline. Wait times will grow. Procedures and medications will be limited to keep the unsustainable growth of debt somewhere within the I can still get re-elected range.

We’re already there. Adding multi-trillion-dollar programs on top of this will drive us toward economic collapse, which is also the point. Create a vacuum into which the Left can inject political power.

The complete control of the economy and means of production. Socialism delivered by admitted socialists. Broken glass and razor blades hidden in candy.

And yes, people will die and no the Statists do not care. If you are paying attention, the same people believe there are already too many of us around.

Talk about an inconvenient truth.

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