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NH Dem – Religious Liberty is Extremist!

The New Hampshire House passed a lot of bills this week that Democrats hate. They lowered taxes, blocked the funding of race-shaming programs, and tried to return a little religious liberty to the people. Democrat Rep. David Meuse has had enough of this and felt it was time to speak up.

American, National or Global Positions

Are You Listening, Governor Chris Sununu?

So few governors with access to such Kingly Pandemic Powers refused to use them. Those few who showed restraint are to be congratulated but Chris Sununu is not among them.

DC Capitol Building Fence Armed man and dog

Democrats Reveal Why They Incited the Capitol Riot…

When you steal something precious or special, you need to protect it. The people from whom you took it might want it back. Democrats stole America, which is why they are proposing a permanent military presence in the US Capitol. Saddam, Adolf, Mao, Hugo, and Stalin would be so proud.