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Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond.

Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond

We should understand tyranny looms if we do not respond. Ms. Bari says editors live in fear of offending this orthodoxy. Writers are careful lest they ruin their careers. The Times plays it so safe in accepting op-eds Twitter has become the “ultimate editor.”

Majority rule

Preventing Majority Rule From Being Unjust

For the American founders majority rule was the problem. To prevent majority rule from becoming unjust they designed measures into our constitution. Do you agree rule by majority can be an issue? When might it be desirable to thwart majority rule?

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

Maskachusetts Health Officials Approve Permanent Mask Mandate

The Massachusetts Maskachusetts Public Health Department has voted to approve a permanent mask mandate for the Bay State. Talk about living up to your nickname. The only thing standing between residents and a forever requirement – for the good of public health – is a July 24th Public hearing.

California dump mask fineJPG

This Meme About California Reminds me of Nashua and Jan Schmidt

First, it speaks to the idiocy of the Progressive Government. Petty and vindictive, with the promotion of things and actions we used to assign stigma to informally protect traditional society from “infections” that twist it into the Left’s own image. In this, I thought of Steve’s post on Jan Schmidt and Nashua.

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and freedom are rare in human history. Human instinct is not to yearn for liberty. Rather, humans yearn to be taken care of.

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Quick Thought: IF NH Governor Sununu is a Constitutionalist, why Doesn’t He Talk Like One?

Background: NH Gov. Chris Sununu: “Public Health Trumps Everything“. As many of us have noted: Constitution, even? Something has been bothering me since his 3pm Presser last Friday at which time he announced his “Stay at Home 2.0”.  At one point during the Presser, he was asked a question about Out of Staters coming into …

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