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This Massachusetts Sanctuary City is Still a Drug Hub Poisoning New Hampshire


Eighteen months ago, the Feds busted up a massive drug ring operating out of Lawrence, Mass. Gov. Sununu and President Trump both named Lawrence which coughed up dozens of indictments cementing the sanctuary city as a drug hub. Well, it’s happened again.

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The DOJ announced in a press release dated Monday, September 23rd, that

Thirty eight people have been charged with federal drug offenses, and at least a dozen more individuals face state charges, as part of a 10-week coordinated enforcement operation in the Merrimack Valley called “Devil’s Highway.”

And New Hampshire has again been identified as a leading destination for drugs and gangs operating out of the sanctuary city of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The 10-week enforcement operation, which took place during the summer months, was a coordinated effort by federal, state, and local partners to focus on drug distribution activity in the City of Lawrence and between Lawrence and destinations in New Hampshire. The operation targeted the distribution of opioids, including fentanyl and heroin, and resulted in charges against a total of 38 people for federal drug offenses, with at least a dozen more individuals facing state charges.

A Little History

New Hampshire Democrats have run for governor on the promise of making New Hampshire a sanctuary state and voted down legislation prohibiting Sanctuary jurisdictions within our borders.

And, let us not forget that, Democrat open border policies are directly responsible for the crisis itself.

One they openly advocate while demanding larger budgets and more government to address a problem they created and work hard to make worse. While doing all they can to interfere with any security or enforcement mechanisms that might alleviate the problem.

If Democrats are the party of “the people” you’d be right to ask, which people, because it sure as hell isn’t New Hampshire citizens or everyday Americans.