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Reminder: Three ‘Lawless’ Gun States Still the Safest Spaces in the Nation

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We never get tired of reporting this. Absent any of the Left’s useless anti-gun laws like expanded this, loophole that, gun-free schools, and “Red Flag” laws, NH is Still a top three-safest state in the nation. 

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I am reminded because the local TV news site linked some snippet about how the Granite State has the lowest property crime rates anywhere. 

In one of the best showings of any state, 22 New Hampshire cities scored a .03 or higher on the Safety Index, while 8 scored a 0.6 or higher. A remarkable feat considering New Hampshire is the 10th least populous state. Let’s take a closer look at New Hampshire’s five safest cities.

If you care, those cities are Portsmouth, Londonderry, Hanover, Hudson, and Merrimack. Note to Dartmouth College students and faculty. Your entire town is a safe-space thanks to New Hampshire’s “lax” gun laws so shut the hell up.

Portsmouth too: you live in the safest city in America, in one of the three safest states in the nation. GUNS!!!

Those three states have something else in common. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. They are all next to each other, and they all have Constitutional carry.

With armed citizens wandering about sans the consent and constant annoyance of busy-body liberals trying to turn them into victims.  

The Safest States in the nation. Again! And New Hampshire, making the list (again) in the same year it passed Constitutional Carry into law.

No wild west, no blood in the streets.

You have to go to places like Detroit or Chicago for that. Where they have plenty of the restrictions for which New Hampshire Democrats are pining. And record-high crime, violent crime, property crime, and (no coincidence) Democrat party leadership. Proudly riding high on their superiority complex as everyday citizens suffer under their brutal regulatory mandates.

If there is any connection between gun ownership and crime, it is this. The more law-abiding gun owners, the fewer the crimes.

Your efforts have nothing to do with public safety because gun-crazy New Hampshire is one of the safe spaces in the Nation.