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Trump Points to Lawrence MA as Source Of NH’s Opioid Problem NECN Ignores Its Own Reporting

President Trump
Image credit, NH House rep. Josh Moore

President Trump visited New Hampshire today to talk about the opioid crisis and while doing so pointed to Lawrence Massachusetts as the hub of the Granite State’s ills; taking a legitimate shot at Sanctuary Cities as part of the problem.

Speaking at Manchester Community College, Trump said Lawrence is “one of the primary sources of fentanyl in six New Hampshire counties,” according to a Dartmouth College study. He tied this to the fact that Lawrence is a so-called sanctuary city, also citing the recent arrest of 15 MS-13 gang members in Massachusetts.

NECN immediately compared this to when Gov. Sununu blamed Lawrence as well, and how the Mayor of Lawrence responded. That’s all well and good because it happened, but NECN left out some other important bits that matter.

Lawerence, the Sanctuary City in Massachusetts, is to blame, and NECN reported on the year-long federal investigation and ensuing arrests that proved it.

The year-long U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration-led investigation, dubbed “Operation Bad Company,” targeted more than three dozen drug traffickers. Early Tuesday morning, approximately 250 federal, state and local law enforcement agents fanned out across the city of Lawrence and elsewhere.

Twenty-seven of the 30 people who were indicted have been arrested. Another 20 face charges through the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have arrested four others who are pending deportation. All of the lead defendants were in the U.S. illegally. 

Seems like a memorable event. How memorable should it be in this context? Take a look at the list of suspects arrested from the DoJ press release.

  1. Juan Anibal Patrone, a/k/a Juan Anibal, a/k/a Juan Anibal Patrone-Gonzalez, a/k/a Flaco, a/k/a Poppo, a/k/a Carlos, 26, a resident of Lawrence, dual citizen of the Dominican Republic and Italy
  2. Domingo Gonzalez Martinez, a/k/a Guega, 26, a resident of Lawrence, from the Dominican Republic
  3. Oscar Francisco Marcano Valverde, a/k/a Oscar Marcado, a/k/a Oscar Malcano, 38, a Dominican national and former resident of Haverhill, currently in custody at Bristol County House of Corrections
  4. Josuel Moises Patrone-Gonzalez, a/k/a Coqui, a/k/a Kiko, 22, resident of Lawrence, dual citizen of the Dominican Republic and Italy
  5. Luis F. Lugo, 20, of Lawrence
  6. Victor Alexander Gonzalez-Gonzalez, a/k/a Alex, 24, Dominican national residing in Lawrence
  7. Daniel Diaz, 34, of Lawrence, currently in custody at Essex House of Corrections
  8. Luis A. Perez-Tomassini, 29 of Lawrence
  9. Leonel Vives, 30, of Methuen
  10. Santo Marino Nivar-Tejeda, a/k/a Mello, 46, a Dominican national residing in Lawrence
  11. Andreury Fana Burgos, a/k/a Andreury Fanas, 21, a resident of Lawrence, from the Dominican Republic

There are 30 names on the list, but Patron was the ringleader.

Officials were tipped off to the operation by a confidential source. The drug ring was led by Juan Anibel Patrone, a Dominican national believed to be living here illegally.

So, Illegals busted running a massive opioid ring out of Lawerence isn’t relevant to NECN (when that’s what Trump is talking about) but this is.

Sununu labeled Lawrence as the prime source of fentanyl coming into his state and warned that he was about to “get tough” on dealers across the state border.

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera hit back, accusing Sununu of “threatening the sovereignty” of Massachusetts and failing to build enough treatment beds in New Hampshire.

“The opioid crisis is so large that no community is without a problem, and to make it about Lawrence is the trap,” Rivera said.

Sununu and Rivera later spoke on the phone, after which Sununu said Lawrence has been “doing a good job” on the opioid issue.

Awww, isn’t that sweet?

Has it occurred to the mayor of Lawrence that if he wasn’t providing sanctuary status to illegal alien drug lords and traffickers that New Hampshire wouldn’t need more frikking “treatment beds.”

It hasn’t occurred to NECN. They can’t even bother to mention a massive year-long multi-department investigation into a fentanyl ring run by an illegal alien drug king-pin who was operating just south of the New Hampshire border.

Mr. Trump did that,

“Every day, sanctuary cities release illegal immigrants, drug dealers, traffickers, gang members, into our cities,” Trump said. “They’re protected by these cities, and you say, ‘What are they doing?’ They’re safe havens for just some terrible people, and they’re making it very dangerous for our law enforcement officers.

He is 100% correct. Sanctuary cities are to blame. And Democrats are to blame for sanctuary cities and immigration policy that is at the root of this crisis.

So who is prepared to hold their feet to the fire and make them pay politically for policies that are killing Americans in America in epidemic proportions?

Add it to the list of things Democrats need to be challenged on, often. And it’s not racist. Death doesn’t care where you came from, and neither does the illegal alien gangs trafficking and peddling the drugs up from Mexico, through Lawrence, into New Hampshire.