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The Opioid Crisis – Are Democrats Using it to Grow Government?

HeroineThe heroine, Fentanyl, Carfentanyl problem, crisis, war, however you would like to frame it, has, for our purposes, three positions. First, it is national security crisis. Second, it is a domestic enforcement crisis. And third, it is the addiction-treatment-recovery crisis.

Democrats oppose the first two and demand money for the third.

Democrats want millions locally and billions nationally for treatment and the police state which should sound odd given how Democrats claim to feel about cops until you realize that hating the police while arming them to the teeth and funding them to the hilt isn’t actually a contradiction. It’s as clear a message as any that they are about power and politics before all else and that the folks at black lives matter really don’t matter once Progressives get what they want which is federal oversight of local policing.

But I digress. Or do I?

Democrats also want open borders and sanctuary status for illegal immigrants which means that the money they are plowing into local law enforcement is not to prevent or end the opioid crisis. It is a way to exploit the crisis to grow the police state. And the police don’t mind the money or the attention, and as long as there is a crisis, it will escalate alongside the inability of law enforcement to end it because they cant, by design.

The drugs are pouring across the border and providing the fiscal fuel that has allowed gangs like MS-13 to reconstitute and gain strength. MS-13 is run and operated by illegal criminal aliens in the United States. Many came here as unaccompanied minors. They recruit and train illegal aliens who then expand networks down to the street level. This drug trafficking finances other illegal activity from identity theft, to sex and human trafficking, violent crime and so on.

The contradictions are deliberate.

Democrats created the crisis through open borders and sanctuary city policies. The drugs and manpower continue unhindered. Law enforcement in Democrat-run cities and states are prohibited, more or less, from communicating who they arrest or detail to ICE, DES, the FBI, or anyone tracking players in the cartels and their kingpins. Suspects are let go as a matter of policy regardless of citizenship status to continue trafficking and other crimes.

The left’s response is “can we get more money” for treatment, beds, therapists, counselors, NARCAN, rehab, EMT’s, safe stations, and how about some new departments and regulators to manage this windfall of spending required to address the crisis they have no intention of taking seriously because that would be contrary to the agenda.

Before Democrats and bandleader Obama opened the borders and let the DACA kiddies run-loose, MS-13 was on its knees, but not anymore.

The reasonable (dare I say serious) response to the poisoning of a nation is to treat it like a national security issue. Stop the flow first. Block the invasion. Remove the source of infection (to mix metaphors). Increase border inspections, enforcement. Control who and what comes in until you have at least slowed the flow of poison.

Next, go into the infected areas and clean them out. Find the poisons purveyors and remove them. Not just as an exercise but with purpose and resolve.

Local law enforcement has to be able to communicate at all levels for this to work but Democrats deliberately obstruct this everywhere they can.

They cry racism, release criminals onto American streets, then come hat in hand for more money to address the crisis their policy priorities created and sustain.

Given where we are treatment and therapy are necessary, perhaps even essential. But without the national security and cooperation pieces, they are just another hole to dump taxpayer money down that gets deeper as the body count rises. And it appears as if that is exactly the point. Don’t let this crisis go to waste. Build a bigger government on the backs of addicts and overdoses that, regardless of what happens, will probably never go away.