The Left's Super 'Safe' Gun-Ban Baltimore Has Ten Times the National Homicide Rate - Granite Grok

The Left’s Super ‘Safe’ Gun-Ban Baltimore Has Ten Times the National Homicide Rate

Baltimore City gun crime vs US reports thataccording to the pro-gun-control Giffords Center, Maryland is the “fourth-strongest” in terms of gun restrictions.” At the same time, Baltimore has more than ten times the number of homicides as the US Average.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notes that “as of August 30th, [Baltimore] had recorded 34 more killings than at the same time in the previous year. They are already well on their way to breaking the 300 mark for the fifth consecutive year. (CBS Baltimore).”

That’s a lot of dead folks.

Everyone is wondering what to do, but no one seems to be questioning the efficacy of being the fourth strictest gun law jurisdiction in the nation as it relates to their homicide problem. As if more anti-gun laws and Maryland proposed a heap of new ones in 2019, will convince the criminals to stop breaking them.

Good luck with that.  My advice is to move.

Up here in New Hampshire, The Giffords Law Center (Yes Gun-Grabbby Giffords), gave us an ‘F.’ Maine got an ‘F’ too. Vermont got a ‘D+’ because they are turning a corner. It’s just the wrong one. But they’re turning it anyway. Electing too many Democrats too often will do that.

But for the moment, and many years previous, these three states consistently represent the top three for the lowest crime in the nation. Low property crime, low violent crime, low gun crime. Each has constitutional carry. That means any private citizens who can legally buy a firearm can carry and conceal it without asking someone for permission. 

In Baltimore, where they have been electing Democrats too often for decades, you have to do a lot of things before you can carry a firearm legally. Grabby Giffords grants them fourth-place for making that as difficult as possible. All in the name of common-sense gun laws or safety or something.

Their reward for passing all those gun safety laws is record-setting violence and death, year after year. More than ten times the national average. Talk about a red flag!

But hey, that distinction can’t last forever. We could elect more Democrats until the whole nation is like Baltimore.

At which point Baltimore can proudly declare that they are just like the rest of us. When in fact, it was Democrats who made the rest of us like Baltimore.