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Concerned Citizen (Democrat Party Activist) Has Message for Gov. Sununu on Renewables

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I just tripped over a cow patty disguised as the musing of a concerned citizen (I’m okay). Titled, Time for N.H. to support renewable energy, this partisan attack on Gov. Sununu was cluttering up the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune like a pile of, well, you get the idea.

Let’s start with the author — Bonnie Wright of Salem, New Hampshire. Bonnie (the concerned citizen)  is a leader with the very Left-wing Rights and DemocracyShe is an Executive Committee member at large for the Rockingham County Democrats. And the secretary of the Salem Democrat Town Committee.

While a blazing partisan (not that this was identified in her “letter”) she is entitled to her opinion. Even though our readers know we’ve repeatedly debunked just about everything she’s “worried about.”

A study came recently that reported that if the carbon emissions in the U.S. don’t rapidly decline, New Hampshire will soon experience the same heat as found in the Southeastern part of the country.

I believe she is referring to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which is political junk science. (I hope it’s not AOC’s similarly apocalyptic screed).

Both exaggerate normal but not historically abnormal temperature rise from the end of our solar maximum then project it forward for political gain. But we’ve shown repeatedly (with help from NASA) that we’re entering a rare and potentially long solar minimum. The last thing we need now is unreliable green energy pushing out abundant, reliable energy from fossil fuels. Thank you, Governor Sununu!

As noted here, if we (or our elected leaders) listen to leftists like Bonnie, people are going to freeze to death. Just so Democrats can seize control of the economy (which they will then ruin).

The next paragraph is also loaded with misconceptions under the heading, some effects of climate change (we’ve already experienced) in New Hampshire.

Remember, she’s not talking about natural change; she means man-made “Democrat policy will spend all your money to fix it” change.

  • shortening the fall foliage season
  • disrupting maple syrup production,
  • costing the fishing industry millions of dollars
  • and endangering the state’s moose population.

First, there’s no evidence any of that is the result of anything Bonnie or Governor Sununu could encourage or prevent. Not that we’d need to do anything around here.

Tourism continues to set records year after yearLeaf-peeping, Skiing, all things NH have grown in recent years.

Maple Syrup producers continue to show a rising trend in production and profit. (Disrupting what, again?) 

And the single biggest threat to New Hampshire’s fishing industry this century was the Obama Administration.

And while the Moose have not fared as well during the solar maximum, that’s over. Last winter was longer. Cold weather lingered well into spring. A strong sign that the solar minimum is taking hold. Longer colder winters are bad for winter ticks and good for Moose. Not that (again) Gov. Sununu or Bonnie Wright could do a thing about it either way.

Natural die-off and even extinctions are normal on planet earth with 99.99% of them occurring before the Berlin Wall fell and Communist groupies needed a new “band” to follow.

Diverting millions or billions to green energy won’t change any of that except that green energy technology is not green at all and very unfriendly to mother earth.

Bonnie’s problem, like most Democrats, is she’s spending too much time believing the noise coming out of her CO2 shrouded exaltations about climate doom. CO2 isn’t even remotely connected to any of this. But the rule is, keep saying it and silence opposition until you win. 

Personally, I like to hear the “opposition” speak. They make it easier for me to prove how wrong they are.