We May all Freeze to Death if We Keep Overheating the Atmosphere Like This

CO2 PPM and Temperature Graph

Hat tip to Tony Heller at Real Climate Science for the headline. It’s a direct quote. Because he is so right. He wrote it below the above image. The graph shows the relationship between the prophesied tipping point (too much CO2 in the atmosphere) and the number of record hot days. Those things we were told to expect as a result of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Temperatures that would get out of hand after we reached ‘The Tipping Point.’

Notice the complete absence of that? Thirty years after the first tipping point.

The Tipping Point is more of a Guideline.

World ending global cooling became world-ending global warming. It had too; it stopped getting cooler. This evolved into climate change because it stopped getting warmer. Finally evolving into the irrefutable hypothesis. “Everything they said would happen that did not became proof they were right all along. It was climate change too. Give us your money, and we’ll keep an eye on it.

CO2 causes everything and nothing. It is the Ying and Yang. The Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. The god with 1000 faces, all demanding tithing to governments and their scientists to prevent the prophesied apocalypse that never comes.

The Guideline is more of a…Denier!

Which brings me back to Tony’s graph and the article that goes with it.

  • Climate experts said 350 PPM CO2 is the tipping point, beyond which we were doomed.  That was passed in 1988.
  • Then they said 400 PPM was the tipping point, beyond which we were doomed.  We passed that a couple of years ago.
  • Now they say 450 PPM is the tipping point, beyond which we are doomed.

Follow this link to see the sources cited for each “tipping point” and be amused by how serious they are about it — every time.

Now, look at the graph again.

CO2 PPM and Temperature Graph

Atmospheric CO2 reached 405 PPM in 2017. This means that a new tipping point is imminent.

Don’t Laugh. It’s going to happen. But not because the theory is crap, or the scientists are frauds. Those aren’t even options.