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But, But, You Can’t Even Make Maple Syrup Without Climate Change!

Tree Sap flows best when the climate changes. Cold nights, warmer days. Springtime. Late winter. Without these changes, each and every day, not enough sap, and no syrup. So, pardon my amusement by a pair of headlines that popped simultaneously about how Climate Change is impacting Maple Syrup in New Hampshire.

Maple syrup taps

Jeanne Shaheen Said ‘Global Warming’ Would “Mess” With Maple Syrup Season and ‘She’s Right’

For the first time in a few years, the sap’s not running yet. No, I don’t mean Democrat contenders for President. We’ve got more of those that we can shake a stick at or maybe a tree tap.  I refer to the annual ritual of “blogger writing about maple syrup as a canary in the …

Jeanne Shaheen Said ‘Global Warming’ Would “Mess” With Maple Syrup Season and ‘She’s Right’ Read More »

Jeanne Shaheen’s Sticky Situation

In the “stupid things said by former governors of New Hampshire who have become US Senator’s category,” Jeanne Shaheen (Greene Shaheen) dominates. As another hack of the environmental movement she has said some incredibly stupid things and intimated plenty of others, forever making us proud.

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Ask Jeanne Shaheen – About Diminshed Snowfall

Remember the halcyon days when the science of global warming was settled? Do you recall the dire warnings from green industry activists “experts” around the world, echoed by prominent herd animals Democrats, including some from from New Hampshire, that Global Warming was going to diminish regional snowfalls and ruin the ski and tourism industry?