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NASA says the Solar Minimum is Here. Climate Cult Says Meh, No Big Deal (But It Probably Is)


Earth’s recent warming was the result of a solar maximum, not your SUV, lifestyle, or your oil or gas furnace. The Climate Cult has been selling a different story (in its quest to advance government control over your behavior and the means of production). But as the sun enters a solar minimum, you may need those fossil fuel-fired beauties.

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NASA, yes NASA, has acknowledged a few things we’ve been going on at length about for several years.

  • Our weather and the warming or cooling of the planet is connected to what is happening on the sun. (Go figure.)
  • The sun has been waning in strength and is entering a solar minimum.
  • When this happens, the atmosphere cools. Clouds increase. Earth cools. Sometimes for a long stretch.

Contrast that to the sky-is-falling, “need the government to control everything or we’ll all boil away in smoggy dystopian catastrophe” narratives. Since the failure of the Soviet Union communists have championed weather control as the path to controlling the means of production. Democrat Socialists from around the globe have propagandized impossible scenarios using punch-drunk computer-models (they programmed) to funnel billions of your dollars into selling their “results” as science and consensus.

The earth is warming; the Government must fix it. Give up your rights and your money. While the goal of communism is what, again? The Government must do and control everything. Give up your rights and your money.

That’s not a coincidence.

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Neither is the solar minimum leading to years or even decades of colder weather. Mike Rogers has an excellent exploration of how cosmic rays and a solar minimum act on global climate. Its actual science supported by NASA.

And let’s face it. Solar cycles are the single most significant factor in our climate. And the government cannot change the solar cycles. It can, however, get the hell out of the way and let the market find adequate resources to meet (potential) increased demand so that should we find ourselves affected by any prolonged period of cooler weather, middle and low-income families are not crushed by the rising cost of energy that the Democrats are hell-bent on mandating.

Wind and solar are not the answer to any problem unless the problem is how to waste money.  Fearmongering about agriculture because of warming is arguing in the wrong direction.

Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

As for the news about the solar minimum naysayers milking the gravy train are minimizing it. There will be no mini-ice age. Stop exaggerating.

It’s fun to see them claim hyperbole after two decades of living and breathing it.

And I’ll admit the choice of words may be inaccurate. We may not have an “ice age” in the cartoonish sense or even like the Maunder minimum. But we could have long term cooling. Shorter growing seasons. Longer winters. If there are any significant volcanic eruptions that will tilt the scale to the cold side. A dearth of El Nino’s will tilt it further toward cooling. A cooling trend in the North Atlantic’s natural cycle will add to the chilling effect in the northern hemisphere.

It is nature, not man that will decide these things. And the trends show some cause for concern.

The Sun has a much better rate of success when it comes to accurate prediction than anyone riding the Climate Cult gravy train. You are welcome to disagree. But reality will tell the tale, and regular people will feel the difference between the Church of the Irrefutable Apocalyptic Climate Cult’s dogma and prophesy and what’s going on outside their backdoor. Or what is going on inside because of crazy left-wing climate energy policy?

If people are cold or their heating bills are high because of Renewable mandates, or limits on natural gas infrastructure, or unnecessary taxes on fossil fuels, or redistributive Carbon credit schemes, they’ll know who to blame.

In New England, that’s the Democrat Party. 

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