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NH Democrats Are Struggling to Make Climate Change a More Important Issue Than It Is

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Most polling is clear. The left’s climate religion is way down on anyone’s list of priorities. But New Hampshire Democrats, especially the ones with money, are working overtime to make it appear as if you actually give a damn.

Last Month New Hampshire Business Review gave Solar Crony Dan Weeks a platform to scare people into buying into the Climate Cult myth (and maybe buy some solar panels too). We debunked only one glaring example of the massive falsehood he perpetrated, but there were others. All in service to the false narrative that there’s a) growing concern and b) actual consequences government could fix.

Both are lies.

Now we’ve got the Granite State’s (former) Progressive Yogurt Guru Gary Hirshberg lining up opportunities to cry wolf about the weather. It’s called the “Stonyfield 2020 Presidential Forum on Climate and Agriculture.” He’ll MC forums with Democrat candidates for President as a way to heighten awareness. About what?

“Cows and crops don’t do so well. It’s the number one issue in Iowa and a top three issue in New Hampshire. But with millennials in New Hampshire, it’s the top issue. So, I’d say it’s really a critical topic and more critical than in any cycle I’ve been a part of. I expect a strong turnout of both attendees and candidates.”

I looked. Worshiping the Climate Cult is not a top 10 issue to anyone anywhere. Not even the top twenty. So we know that Weeks and Hirshberg are exaggerating from a very narrow field of vision.

How narrow?

Many of the generalizations with which Weeks refers come from a 2018 survey by Yale.

The data in this report are based on a nationally representative survey of 1,114 American adults, aged 18 and older. The survey was conducted November 28 – December 11, 2018. All questionnaires were self-administered by respondents in a web-based environment. The survey took, on average, 27 minutes to complete.

In a country of 330 Million, the opinions of 1,114 people who would actually take an online Yale survey is less than definitive, it’s a joke. New Hampshire wasn’t even mentioned.

Then there’s a 2018 UNH Carsey Institute survey on the awareness of Climate cult opinion about climate change. It’s called ‘Public Awareness of Scientific Consensus on Climate.’

About 2/3 of respondents recognize that most scientists agree about the effect of Human activities on climate change.  Without digging into how few respondents that’s like asking voters if they believe Democrats will try to raise taxes? Yes, I think they will. Oh, look, a majority of New Hampshire voters beleive Democrats are or will raise taxes. That does not mean they are right to do so for any of the reasons they claim or that “respondents” agree with them.

As it turns out, there is no conclusive, detailed, far-reaching data on a majority of New Hampshire adults on the topic.

In conclusion, as usual, this is all rubbish. But with 23 wanna-be rabid pro-Green New Deal leftists drolling over even a sliver of support from the far-left base trolling that electorate, this narrative is not going away; which brings me to your homework assignment and the real test.

Who in New Hampshire (politicians, parties, people, or media) is going to just regurgitate this nonsense without challenging any of it? WMUR? The UL? any of the other more-liberal papers?

It’s the climate cult version of “I spy with my little eye.”

We can’t see everything so be sure to share.