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In 1967 Sunspots, not CO2 Controlled the Weather – According to National Geographic

Comparison of solar cycle 5 to 24

In Volume 131 No. 2 of the National Geographic (not pictured above btw) Dr. Hurd C. Willett, a Professor of Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology dismisses CO2 and pollution as having any meaningful impact on our climate. He says it’s sunspots.

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Some people speculate that increasing smog will cause our atmosphere to capture and retain more solar heat, gradually melting the world’s icecaps. But I believe smog and other factors, such as changing carbon dioxide content and volcanic dust, will prove only marginal in their effects on our climatic future.

Dr. Hurd C. Willett, Professor of Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suggests the answer. Dr. Willett, one of our staff affiliates this year, has shown us how cyclic changes in the climate closely parallel the cyclic changes in sunspot activity—the manifestations of powerful electrical energy discharges from the sun.* We now feel confident that our investigations here back up the solar-climate theory of weather cycles. Sunspots have been diligently recorded for well over 200 years. We find that glacier fluctuations over these past two centuries show a tantalizing correlation, taking into account the glaciers’ flow lag, with sun storms and temperature trends.

First, all the credit for this find and the excerpt go to Tony Heller at Real Climate Science. He’s even got scans of pages about glaciers and solar activity from that issue. Good stuff.

My interest, of course, follows my post from a few days ago about the Solar minimum. The blank sun with few sunspots has entered a resting period. In the past, during these ‘breathers’ the earth has experienced the Maunder and Dalton Minimums and prolonged cooling spells that can last for decades.

The current projections look very similar to the Dalton minimum but might end up more like Maunder.



In either case, two things are clear.

First, the climate was not politicized in 1967 nor was National Geographic. And second, we need to focus on clean energy technology, not green energy technology. Coal, oil, and gas are the most abundant and reliable resources with the lowest cost impact on the people who will need affordable heat and transportation.

If keeping people warm and safe is at all important, you will stop politicizing the climate to advance Democrat Socialsim and focus on energy solutions that work.

Not that the Democrat Socialists will listen. They never cared about people any further than they could use them to attain absolute power. What difference is it to them if they freeze to death? As long as they get what they want.

Featured Image is not from National Geographic.