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Damn You Global Warming – NH Tourism Experts See Increase Again This Year

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It’s a running joke. Years ago, circa 2008, then-candidate for US Senate Jeanne Shaheen, plied doom and gloom to leverage her way into public office. She’d do something about Global warming to protect maple syrup, tourism, and so our children would still see snow during a New Hampshire winter.

We’ve probably wasted millions or billions since then but not to any useful end unless by useful you mean turning tax dollars into Democrat campaign contributions. None of Dame Shaheen’s apocalyptic prognostications has come to pass. So much so the opposite that her Climate Cabal – like any good cult – has changed its revered text to incorporate the unfortunate reality.

No snow became more snow. Warming became the cause of severe cold and harsh winters. They promised us that tourism was doomed and that one day soon, children would no longer have Maple Syrup for their pancakes. But facts tell us that the Vegas odds say to bet against the Left every time.

US Maple Syrup production appears to have set another record in 2019, and New Hampshire Tourism predictions are up again. 

The New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs says it is expecting to see a 2.7% increase in summer visitations and spending over 2018. As a result, the state is expecting to see about 3.6 billion overnight visitors and spending to reach $1.9 billion for the summer travel season.

Damn you global warming. Driving more tourists northward to spend their leisure and yet to be adequately taxed ill-gotten gains to the benefit of Granite State job creators who have no idea how much to pay their slaving laborers.

And that’s it. That must be it. It’s too damn warm to go south. They are climate refugees. They are escaping the anthropogenic heat – except for when it is anthropogenic cold (or rain, or drought, or wind, or calm, or dogs and cats, living together!).

We’re not sure how they can tolerate the other 50 weeks of the year but let’s not quibble over details. That would undermine cult dogma leading people to suspect that it’s all a scam.

And what would happen to our tourism then?

It would probably increase although Democrats are working hard to make New Hampshire less desirable, so there is still a risk of a man-made component to its prophesied demise. 

I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame that on the weather.

Image: Appalachian Trial.org