Alleged Assault by NH Rep Debra Altschiller on Susan Olsen – Part 5 - Granite Grok

Alleged Assault by NH Rep Debra Altschiller on Susan Olsen – Part 5

“I don’t know who said it ‘If they treat us this way knowing we are armed to the teeth, think of how they will treat us when we are not”.

That was the quote by Susan Olsen at the end of Part 4.  Here in Part 5, we hear more of the story including this that was screamed out by NH State Rep Debra Altschiller:


Provocateur? Or is it provocateurs, as NH State Rep Katherine Rogers taunted Miss Susan with “Go ahead, shoot me – you know you wanna!” (really, what kind of a horrendous person do you have to be in taunting a law abiding citizen in WANTING TO BE SHOT to validate their political ideology????).  And then wanting AGAIN (by Altschiller) to elicit a desired response that would finally validate their emotion laden hatred for those of us that refuse to outsource our responsibility for self-defense to The State (which they control)? And remember this when Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress tried to bait both Miss Susan and Kimberly Morin?  Always pushing, always pushing, always projecting, about things that aren’t true to make them true simply because they believe they have the moral right to do to others what they claim the Right does to them? And then, if successful, say “SEE! We were right – punish them ALL for our Collective Guilt”.

What is is with these highly Progressive females that just can’t be nice? Why is it that they have to in attack mode? Again, the answer is simple: due to their wrapping themselves up in some level of Moral Superiority cloaking, the means justifies the ends.  I really can’t be either more blunt or think of a different reason.

And they’ve made a target of Miss Susan. Remember, Miss Susan’s hands are full with her camera equipment and her briefcase during this entire period – she couldn’t assault ANYONE in that condition. Maybe that’s why NH State Rep Debra Altschiller screamed at her (heard by witness) and allegedly physically assaulted her?

Simply because of her Political Power – she could.