Alleged Assault by NH Rep Debra Altschiller on Susan Olsen - Part 1 - Granite Grok

Alleged Assault by NH Rep Debra Altschiller on Susan Olsen – Part 1

Let me repeat that another way: did NH State Rep Debra Altschiller (D-Stratham) physically assault WDLNH Legislative Director Susan Olsen after the Executive Session on HB687 (the “Red Flag” bill) that strips someone of their Constitutional due process rights simply on hearsay in an exparte hearing?

Seemingly, it has happened again (allegedly) – venerable Conservative and Second Amendment (and Grokster) activist Susan Olsen seems to be a target by rabid Democrat State Legislators.  Certainly, we’ve covered the first incident where NH State Rep Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) tried to provoke Miss Susan by boxing her ear and stating “Go ahead, shot me – you know you wanna”.

NH State Rep Rogers was convicted of assault. For all their caterwaulling when Republicans just say or write something that “offends” them, nothing was done by either the Democrat House Leadership or the NH Democrat Party. Nothing at all – for an actual conviction, no action was taken.  If proven guilty in a court of law (if this goes that far), will NH State Rep Debra Altschiller be asked to resign or reprimanded by her Party or her Leadership?  If I was a betting man, I’d say no as she is a BMOC in the Party. With a dash of Moral Superiority stemming from it.

Anyways, here is Part 1 of Susan Olsen’s story:

Note: the image at the top of the page (and the “featured image” found on the Front Page – it was clear that NH State Rep Debra Altschiller was not happy in being recorded by me as she signed up to give testimony in favor of yet again restricting our Second Amendment / Article 2-A by the “death of a thousand Legislative cuts” regardless of “shall not infringe”.