Granite Grok’s Top 20 (Most Commented on) Posts for 2017

GG Top 20 for 2017 -3

The past twelve months have seen a rise in comments overall so a big thank you to everyone who provided content, our readers, and those who responded to what they read (or thought they read) at GraniteGrok this year.

And as I’ve done every year since 2012, here are the top 20 most commented posts at in the Year of our Lord, 2017.

Reminder: This ranking is based solely on the number of comments when this list was published. Links to previous top 20’s are included at the bottom of the page.


#20. Krauthammer’s New Comedy Routine – Not So Funny

February 9th, 2017
I just watched Charles Krauthammer on Fox News do his current routine – President Trump had no business stopping peaceful looking people from arriving from seven nations that have never had anyone commit terrorism here in America.


#19. Who says “No Progressive wants to confiscate your guns?”

November 17th, 2017
“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up [every gun]… … Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in. I would have done that.”




#18. A New American Social Justice Tradition

November 7th, 2017
We have the inevitable purge, by comfortable American communists, of anything traditionally American extending to statues in our parks, schools, and other public places. All things Christian have been, for the most part, eliminated from Christmas, especially nativity scenes.


#17. Muller Indicts Ham Sandwich With DC Grand Jury

October 20th, 2017
This special prosecutor tasked with bringing down President Trump has latched onto a former Trump campaign manager and his business partner for what looks like failure to file as foreign agents back in 2013.



#16. Tales from the BudComm – “raised by taxes.”

November 29th, 2017
Now those of you that have been reading the ‘Grok for a while know that one of my big bugaboos is the combination of TANSTAAFL and “free money” …



#15. Tales from the BudComm – we’d be better off sending them to private schools

November 29th, 2017
Children do not deserve a public education – they DO deserve a publicly funded education. The money should follow the child, directed by parents and a building in a given zip code should not treat it as an entitlement.



#14. New Hampshire’s Out-of-State-Tuition Paying Matriculating Morons

September 17th, 2017
One of the imagined hardships of being a voting age progressive social justice warrior marooned on a New Hampshire college campus is that your rights are continually being suppressed.



#13. Government Meddling with Hourly Wages is Not Necessary in New Hampshire

March 3rd, 2017
The mean average hourly wage for the entire state rose from $22.62/hour in 2014 to $24.03/hour in the 2016 report (+6.2%). The mean entry-level wage in New Hampshire is $10.66/hour, $3.41 above the federal minimum wage.


#12. A common sense analysis of sanctuary cities


March 30th, 2017
The number of sanctuary cities expanded rapidly during Barack Obama’s administration. The Washington Times reported in 2015 that there were more than 340 sanctuary cities in America.


#11. What Communist Doesn’t Support Violence?
Bernie Is My Comrade

June 16th, 2017
It is silly to argue that Socialist Revolutionary Bernie Sanders does not promote hatred and violence. He is merely biding his time and getting away with as much as he can.



#10 ‘USA Today’ Warns People To Beware Of AR-15 Armed With Chainsaws

November 9th, 2017
USA Today released a video on Tuesday aimed at making people scared of AR-15 rifles following the tragic mass shooting at the church in Texas on Sunday by showing an AR-15 armed with a chainsaw.



#9. The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on New Hampshire

February 28th, 2017
Image Link






#8. Nashua Alderman Vote Unanimously to Spend Other People’s Money

October 11th, 2017
So what happens when the proposed progressive-kitsch for-profit boutique passenger rail service… turns out to be a non-profit service, as will most likely be the case?



#7. So RedDiaperBaby and Jeemo, what say you now about Obamacare costs?  Start groveling with abject apologies

A-cartoon-obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurtNovember 19th, 2017
So commenters RedDiaperBaby and Jeemo Glewton didn’t believe my reporting on a couple of acquaintances of mine lamenting on the extremely high cost of their Obamacare plans as this year’s version is soaring in price…



#6. So he works simply to pay his Obamacare bill?  A “Have” paying for the “Have-Nots.”

November 8th, 2017
Commenter Jeemo has called me a liar and that I’m making this up – sorry Jeemo, but life is sucking badly when Government actions have all but destroyed the individual healthcare marketplace and made life miserable for millions…


#5. The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians

Jiletta JarvisNovember 14th, 2017
A lady by the name of Jilletta Jarvis is running for Governor of NH and had a Letter to the Editor printed in the Concord Monitor (I do have to give credit to our local Pravda in doing so for a person completely antithetical to their political stances).



#4. Puerto Rico: Willing to openly EXTORT other States to save itself?

Puerto Rico Debt

March 23rd, 2017
“Hey, Pedro, nice to see that Puerto Rico is now willing to extort Florida (et al.) because you folks haven’t been able to put a sane budget together for YEARS!”


#3. So RedDiaperBaby and Jeemo, what say you now about Obamacare costs? Start groveling with abject apologies – Part 3

November 24th, 2017
One or two or three stories may be anecdotal – but this is starting to turn into a flood, and we have only Obama and Democrats to thank for this. They designed it, they legislated it, they passed it, they regulated it, …


#2. Was Manchester Mom Wrongfully Arrested for Daring to Protect her Family?

October 25th, 2017
On Monday, it was reported that a Manchester woman was arrested for “endangering the welfare of a child” because she had a loaded firearm in the glove box and a child was sitting in the front seat of her vehicle.


#1. The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END before someone gets hurt.

June 17, 2017
Last week, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump…


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