New Hampshire’s Out-of-State-Tuition Paying Matriculating Morons

by Steve MacDonald

Not sure if voting illegallyOne of the imagined hardships of being a voting age progressive social justice warrior marooned on a New Hampshire college campus is that your rights are continually being suppressed.

Every election season out-of-state-tuition paying matriculators are told by New Hampshire Democrats that they can vote in New Hampshire, while Republicans in the Granite State think that–seeing as they are paying out of state tuition–they should be voting in the state from whence the out-of-state-tuition is paid.

Democrats typically win this battle because a) Republican leadership is perennially peppered with pansy-assed invertebrates, terrified by bad press and b) Democrats whine, and cry, and express outrage except for student rights until you suggest that students voting in NH be immediately given the substantial in-state tuition discount.

There’s no mobile domicile or presence or sense or intent when it comes to paying tuition to the State college/university system. You have to be serious about being from New Hampshire. Voting for congress, president, state officials growing government and spending billions of other peoples dollars, let them stuff the ballot boxes.

I like to call this (starting, I don’t know, how about now?) the fiscal rape of morons for stolen votes.

New Hampshire Democrats think out-of-state-tuition paying college kids are morons. Their progressive buddies in the white tower milk them for top-dollar, while party flunkies, local politicians, and activists convince them that they can’t possibly complete an absentee ballot and vote back where those tuition checks originate. You should vote here, here, they say. They even watered down the rules to make it less likely you’d get prosecuted (which is actually an inside joke amongst both parties).

What they don’t tell them is that every time that out-of-state-tuition paying college kid votes in New Hampshire a New Hampshire Democrat has stolen a vote from some Democrat in another state.

Vote thieves! Twice!

And all is fine, and well, and good, with this thievery, even with bills like SB 3 which claims to tighten the rules but only enough to make Democrats wail and cry at (insert manufactured injustice). Something they didn’t do when the biggest threat in recent memory to their scam arrived on the legislative scene last January.

No, not Donald Trump.

House Bill 622, put forward by a handful of faithful Democrats would allow all voting by absentee ballot. It was voted inexpedient to legislate in committee but think about it. Anyone anywhere in the state would be able to vote in any election using an absentee ballot.

Absentee ballots are a great way to commit voter fraud, which is why Democrats love them, but putting that aside for a minute and consider what this admission means? If Democrats do not believe that it is a hardship to allow every voting age person in the entire state to vote by absentee ballot, then it can’t possibly be a hardship for those moronic matriculating out-of-state-tuition paying college kids they dupe to vote where UNH says they live instead of where vote thieving New Hampshire Democrats say they live.

It’s a fact.

Now if we could just get the Republicans, the Governor, the AG, and the Feds to agree, we might finally have a clean election and discover who the actual residents of New Hampshire want for elected office in this state.

That hasn’t happened in very long time.

No, I’m not holding my breath.

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