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The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END before someone gets hurt


Last week, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump all while professing his adoration for Bernie Sanders. The man had decided back in March that “Trump and Company must be destroyed.”

The man was a 66 year old Democrat who left his home in Illinois with what now appears to be specific intentions to murder Republicans. According to reports, he asked who was practicing on the field – Democrats or Republicans? The man then opened fire on the unarmed Congressional Republicans, severely wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who is third in line for power. Because of Scalise’s position in the House of Representatives, he has Capitol Police protection. The only thing that saved others from being slaughtered were the good guys with guns.

Here is a taste of the Virginia Shooter’s political hatred:

Clearly New Hampshire Democrats had nothing to do with a man from Illinois but they have exercised the same vitriolic hatred against Republicans since they lost power in New Hampshire and nationally. Their hatred first rang through loud and clear when now Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut was being questioned by Democrat Andru Volinsky (actually worked for Bernie Sanders’ campaign).

Hateful religious bigotry

Volinsky shocked an entire room filled with people with his horrific religious bigotry against Edelblut. Volinsky actually used writings on a college website, attributed them to Edelblut and then viciously attacked Edelblut for those 3rd party religious writings that didn’t represent Edelblut. That was the beginning. Volinsky worked with Matt Murray of New Hampshire Labor Union blog and Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress, both extreme far left-wing organizations. Bernie Sanders recently behaved in the same manner with vitriolic religious bigotry when questioning a nominee for the Office of Budget and Management. The hatred of the extreme left is far and wide.

Not long after that disgusting debacle, out-of-state trans activists and New Hampshire Democrats decided to lie about discrimination laws in the state and smear anyone who dared to protect women’s or girls’ rights:

Women and parents of daughters were called “transphobic” or “bigots’ if they dared to express their concerns about safety.

They were told they were fearmongering even though there are valid cases that prove criminals have indeed used “gender identity” laws to gain access to female victims. Women and girls’ safety is apparently not an issue for Democrats or out-of-state trans activists being paid by millionaire LGBTQ philanthropists. Their concerns are real. The cases of men exploiting these laws are real.

Vitriol, hatred and violent rhetoric

Then of course there is New Hampshire Representative Sherry Frost who has spent months spewing vitriol and hatred towards her fellow legislators (Republicans). The icing on the cake was when she “lost it” and said she was “homicidal” because other representatives (men) were telling her not to worry so much about a legislative battle Democrats lost:


Frost once again reared her ugliness on Twitter when she found out the shooter was a white male. Of course, she backpedaled when she discovered he was a fellow Sanders’ supporter:

frosthypocrisy (1)

This is far different from her previous tweets that terrorists are white, male Christians:


Frost also seemed gleeful back in February that a Republican Representative needed police protection from violent left wingers:

Democrats seem to just think it’s cute and pat Frost on the head like the Cindy Lou Who and send her on her merry little delusional way. In the meantime, she continues her vitriol, hatred and violent rhetoric.

Disruption, witch hunt and lies

Back to Zandra Rice-Hawkins, Democrats and Commissioner Frank Edelblut. Edelblut decided to give a town hall so he could answer questions from parents and educators while discussing his ideas for creating the best educational environment for all children in the state. That wasn’t good enough for Granite State Progress. Rice-Hawkins and others decided to disrupt the entire event and behaved like out-of-control lunatics. They didn’t want Edelblut to answer the questions the audience was asking. They wanted to interrupt so that others couldn’t hear what he had to say.

One cannot forget the abhorrent behavior of Democrats accusing Republicans of pushing a “rape culture” in the state house. These, mostly ignorant and vitriolic Democrat women, went on a witch hunt because a Republican State Representative posted anonymous and outrageous posts on a misogynistic website before he became a state rep. These women put him on trial for his thoughts, not his actions. Not once was he accused of behaving in any sort of misogynistic or untoward manner AS a state representative. They then proceeded to claim ALL Republicans thought this way. This was all as they humiliated themselves while lying that Republicans were trying to take their beloved abortion away. In reality, Republicans were giving women more rights but these women never let facts get in the way of their hatred.

Delusional misogyny

Some of these women are so delusional, like Democrat Debra Altschiller, that they tried to turn an event to help homeless animals into some misogynistic hate fest:

NH Rep Debra Altschiller hates helpless animals as much as she hates unborn babies. Hot Dog Day photo by Beth Scaer

Vicious racism accusations

Just last week, Democrats were at it again with their vicious lies and hatred when they claimed a Republican Representative was racist and wanted to take education money from black and Latino school children. They were outright lying about what the man said. He was in fact fighting to decrease the education gap for black and Latino students by providing them with school choice, a proven success for these students. Once again, left-wing extremist Zandra Rice-Hawkins was involved and Democrats jumped on board:

Ever since Democrats lost power at the federal level and in the Granite State, they have behaved in an unhinged, vitriolic manner towards anyone who disagrees with them; more so than normal. Democrats have painted targets on women, girls, Christians and especially white male Republicans. The New Hampshire Democrat Party continually hounds Governor Chris Sununu about anything and everything Trump does, as if Sununu is his keeper. Refreshingly, Sununu has proven to be an independent thinker, unlike former Governor Maggie Hassan.

Left-wing propaganda 

What New Hampshire Democrats don’t seem to grasp is their vitriol and hatred along with their propaganda and outright lies does nothing but foment anger from people like the Virginia Shooter. The Virginia Shooter has hated Republicans for a very long time. He bought into the lies of Democrats like Bernie Sanders that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes. The shooter bought into the propaganda that the 1% are all evil Republicans (a huge majority of 1%ers in congress, including Sanders and fellow hater Elizabeth Warren, are part of the 1%).

The violent rhetoric, vitriol, hatred, disruption and lies by the left in the Granite State need to end before someone gets hurt like in Virginia. If they want to discuss policy, that’s a different story. They don’t. It seems the left no longer want to debate. They’d rather shut the debate down.

Moderate Democrats must stand up

New Hampshire Democrats have continually lied about policy and lied about Republicans, again, more so than they usually do. It’s unfortunate that they take the violent rhetoric by people like Sherry Frost so casually. Clearly, others do not. It’s time the moderate Democrats of the party stand up and speak out against the extremists who have become the most vocal members who do not represent the Granite State.

While the Virginia Shooter is the only one responsible for taking the actions he did yesterday, Democrats have continued to create a vitriolic, hateful, violent mob mentality among their followers. When elected officials continue to ignore the violence of their followers and refuse to speak out against it, there’s a problem. When leaders in the Democrat Party encourage people to “resist” and “take to the streets” rather than debate and discuss, there’s a problem.

It’s time for New Hampshire Democrats to start representing the Granite Staters who elected them rather than some extreme left-wing faction of their party that dehumanizes people; refuses to tell the truth; refuses to discuss policy like adults and thinks violent rhetoric is “hyperbole.” The behavior of the New Hampshire Democrat Party over the past several months has been abhorrent and is absolutely unacceptable. It’s time Democrats start behaving like rational adults, before someone gets hurt or killed in New Hampshire.

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