So he works simply to pay his Obamacare bill? A “Have” paying for the “Have-Nots”.

by Skip


Stated another way, that’s $34,200 per year.

UPDATE: I was at a meeting in Manchester and ran into a old friend of the ‘Grok and without prompting, he brought up that his Obamacare plan, bought on the exchange, is mirroring my aquaintance’s below: it has just from about $1,000/month for his family to over $2,000 / month.  He makes too much as an independent engineer to receive any kind of tax subsidy – he has to float his own boat.  He’s now wondering if he has to go bare.

Commenter Jeemo has called me a liar and that I’m making this up – sorry Jeemo, but life is sucking badly when Government actions have all but destroyed the individual healthcare marketplace and made life miserable for million whose only purpose, in the Saul Alinsky word of wealth transfer from Haves to Have-Nots, is to fund others.  For the recipients of the tax subsidies, life is now better.  For the rest of us that were happy with our plans, life sucks.  And Jeemo makes fun of my friends.


I’ve known him for years and have had him come over to house as a contractor on a number of cases; he was here a couple of days ago.  Usually I leave contractors alone to let them do their work and only wander in just because I like to admire peoples’ skills to do work that I can’t do (being a software engineer, I can build castles in my mind but you never want to put a saw, hammer, and a screwdriver into my hands at the same time).  However, he smiled as I greeted him coming out of his truck and he exclaimed “great, a fellow conservative to talk with!” as he deals with a lot of public housing projects owned by “public service organizations” that trend rather liberal.  One of the topics that came up, as he is self-employed”, was the cost his Obamacare plan; his frustration was BEYOND frustration.

To quickly summarize, he started out paying just a smidge more than $1,000 / month for he and his wife. He said he was actually happy as he was saving about $140 / month to start with.  And yes, “start with” is the operative phrase – his happiness quickly faded away as the cost increases started in soon after.  The “affordable” part never really applied afterwards.  In fact, unless you are a person getting the “free ride” (the Have-Not) and premiums being paid by the rest of us (the ostensible “Haves”), it no longer is “affordable”.

His frustration came out when he said with great sadness and no small amount of bitterness: “how many people am I supposed to be carrying on my back”?  Why?

His monthly premium is now going to be $2,850.  Stated another way, that’s $34,200 per year. Add in the $3,000/year deduction for him and the same for his wife, that’s a total of $40,200 BEFORE the insurance starts picking up the cost.  WHO in their right mind is going to pay this???  Let me remind you that the median income is around $32,000 / year.  This acquaintance works 60 or more hours a week – each day the first $100 or more he earns is going to pay for Obamacare.

It certainly isn’t for him – this cost is too exorbitant just for his needs.  No, this is a perfect example of the actual purpose of Obamacare – a MASSIVE wealth transfer from one class to another. This has cushioned the poor but is creating a new “health insecurity” class (God, I hate using language of the Cultural Marxists!) – those that used to be self-sufficient and now, because of the artificially contrived costs mandated by Government, are having to either choose to go without or…

…beseech Government to save them.  THIS was the real purpose of Obamacare – cause a yet another class to be dependent on Government with a single payer system.  Some Democrats alluded to it and those opposed to it said it many times over that Obamacare would crash and burn leading to the only conclusion for Big Government supporters that ONLY Government Single Payer could save us all (they hate people making their own separate decisions in the Free Market because it is a loss of control for THEM).  To turn the land of rugged individualism to a sniveling crowd of class fighting “Gimmee” subjects.  Was this REALLY the end game of our Revolution with Britain for independence?  To trade in independence for dependence?

My acquaintance is beside himself and he is mad at Government, at the Progressive Totalitarians, that have put him into this situation. He was perfectly happy with his pre-Obamacare policy.  It was one he could afford, it was one that met his needs, and he liked the medical community that it included.  The Democrats said “you’re wrong and we know what you need better than you do.”

And this is why the Democrats have become a bi-coastal rump political Party.  It is rather sad that the Republican Party are too cowardly to live out their stated Principles and do what they promised to do (return us to more of a Free Market situation) for years.

This is how BOTH the Democrats and Republicans get more Trump (and neither he or I were Trump supporters from the get go but BOTH of us agree that that of all of the politicians in the recent past, at least Trump is trying to keep his campaign promises).

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  • mer

    I thought I was the only one that watched to the plumbers and electricians, appreciating a job well done. I can replace outlets, lights and a bunch of normal stuff (older homes, fun “which breaker” roulette. When you find it, write the breaker number on the inside of the plate for next time). I can sweat copper without burning the house down, but I love looking at a well done run of pipes or wires.

    The cost of O’care: they’re better off if they can schedule the major stuff for the first month of the new cycle. That way they’ve only paid one month premium and eaten up the deductible early, so insurance covers the rest of the year.

    I know that’s not the point: the cost is. If they don’t use any services it’s 34,200 right off the top of his margin.
    The comparison to median income is (or should be) eye opening; I doubt he’s carrying the gold plated plan, so when you say “the minimum coverage plan costs me more than the median income” a reasonable person would say WTF.
    But noone ever accused Shaheen, Buckles, Maggie The Red, Chief Lies A Lot etc as being reasonable.

    • Frances

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  • Reddiaperbaby

    Obama care can be fixed. Having a nationwide market place is an option. Also he could eat the $800 penalty and not buy insurance. Something isn’t adding up, he clearly makes to much for a subsidy. Your telling me there is no other options? His wife doesn’t have insurance through work? There isn’t a local trade group he could buy through. The individual market is junk but that isn’t the only part of the ACA. There is Plenty Of good with the bad.

    • Something isn’t adding up because Skip Murphy is a liar.

      • granitegrok

        So I just made it all up? Prove that I am lying

        • Reddiaperbaby

          See post above, the guy in your update could get a job as an employee the fact that wants to be an independent contractor is on him. That’s his choice and we all know why those in the tech field prefer to be be on the 1099 plan.

          • sb

            Oh really? And why is that? I’d LOVE to know because I’m also an independent contractor.

            I can’t believe your opinion and/or solution is that nobody should work for themselves and should be forced to work for a big corporation simply to get insurance.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            You admit it is a choice though?

          • sb

            Depends on one’s skill set. Some necessary jobs don’t have corporations to work for. And playing along, let’s say yes, it is a choice. So somebody choosing to work, even if not for a big corporation who can afford to pay for its employees insurance, should be priced right out of insurance and medical care, while somebody choosing to sit on their a$$ collecting welfare should get free or subsidized insurance and medical care? That is your stance?

            And you didn’t answer my question. Why do you believe the “tech field” “chooses” to be independent contractors?

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Nah I shouldnt be subsidizing a plumbers bussines expense. Not someone who chooses to be an iC.

          • sb

            See that’s the whole point! You should not be subsidizing anybody. Neither should anybody else. Government needs to get the heck out of it.

          • So this apocryphal plumber paying three grand a month should just pay his and his family’s medical bills out of pocket, correct? Since he has no employer. Everyone who doesn’t work for a business or maybe the military should. Right?

          • sb

            You never answer the questions you are asked.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Neither do you dude. You always dodge crap. But I? know much Of the tech files chooses to IC, especially software engineers and the like, do I know their individual reasons? No but I would imagine it is to avoid the corporate life and to not have to deal with too much employer oversight. Actually I can’t think of a software engineer I know that doesn’t icy

          • granitegrok

            Still, being an independent doesn’t mean that government should have the opportunity to crush you.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Being an independent contractor means you assume all costs of running your bussiness? Why am I paying for your health insurance Steve because you want to remote in and not be subject to employment rules?

            You should be complaining we are paying anything at all to small bussiness and ICs.

        • Ah, the old “prove a negative” challenge. Prove there are no aliens living in my back yard at night when the lights are out!

          Nick and Reddiaperbaby already laid out the facts about the math not adding up. Either your pal is a fool or he’s invented the details of his plight.

          Since this blog is already full of fact-free posts even for a far right blog, it is hardly a stretch to imagine one more for effect.

          ALL of these stories concerning people being torn apart by the imperatives of the ACA are 1. anonymous 2. found in right wing sources. Am I supposed to believe this is a coincidence?

          In your defense, here is a good chance that your buddy is the one who’s making up the numbers and you’re merely passing them along. Abetting a lie rather than creating it.

      • Ed Naile

        Something isn’t adding up in Boulder, Colorado.
        Trolling under a fake name now?
        Talk about a liar.

  • Nick Martin

    There’s really nothing worse than an anecdotal complaint that lacks facts and perspective. The details in this post are either a complete fabrication or, you need to get in touch with your contractor friend and tell him there are better options available.

    It’s pretty simple: There is a provision within Obamacare that exempts you from the penalty if the least expensive plan available to you costs more than 8% of your annual income in yearly premiums. So, one of three things is happening: a) your contractor friend is clearing $500,000 b) he’s lying to you or making up numbers, or c) he’s eligible for some serious discounts or would be exempt from the penalty anyway.

    I’ve seen this before. I knew a person railing on how expensive Obamacare made insurance. Turns out, she didn’t actually bother checking what discounts she qualified for. After I told her she should probably look into her options, she ended up with a plan that costs $80/month. … and now she thinks the subsidized insurance she gets through the Obamacare exchange is the result of something Trump did. I can’t help but laugh.

    • sb

      The problem is not just the premiums and crappy coverage after paying, although that’s huge. Have you read the fine print about what happens to any of your assets if you get a subsidy or go on Medicaid? And “exempts you from the penalty” is all fine and dandy but you still have no insurance.

      The problem is government controlled “insurance” and “health care”. Period.

      • “Have you read the fine print about what happens to any of your assets if you get a subsidy or go on Medicaid?”

        I don’t think people who go on Medicaid have a lot of assets, but no, tell me, what does happen to them?

        • sb

          How about people who might have a home paid off but don’t make a huge salary? Lots of people have now been forced into Medicaid who didn’t want to be there, solely based on their salary. Have you read the fine print about what happens to their assets both while they are alive and after they die?

          How about independent contractors who don’t have an employer to pay their insurance costs for them? Should people give up the idea of owning a home so they can pay obamacare costs?

          Another point that seems to get ignored by the left is that a subsidy is only somebody else paying the lion’s share of what still is a bloated, overpriced premium. These premiums are not affordable. Just because somebody else is paying most of it (taxpayers) doesn’t make it affordable.

          I suggest you do your own research.

          • I asked you a simple question and you responded with a flurry of questions that you apparently believe are rhetorical.

            So I will ask you again: What happens to people’s assets when they go on Medicaid?

            What is this “fine print” you keep mentioning and where can I find the text?

          • sb

            Here you go. I am giving you one link and you can find the rest yourself.

            I suggest you read the whole thing before commenting.

          • Oh for God’s sake. The ACA has no relation to this law.

            In theory the state has long reserved the legal right to come after people’s estates if they die owing money. ACA expansion changed nothing about that. It just meant there were more people on Medicaid.

            More to the point — this article was from 2013, pre-expansion. Have you heard any instances of this actually happening?

            It’s not unique to this form of insurance.

            I still don’t get the “forced to be on Medicaid” bit either.

            And people on Medicaid — how often do they die with a ton of assets?

            This is honestly as much of a worry as being hit by lightning while golfing, nothing more than packaged hysteria.

            If a glut of lawsuits ever ensues and Medicaid tycoon heirs and heiresses start suffering for it, I’ll gladly change my story.

          • sb

            The points are: 1. The people on Medicaid have no idea they “owe money”. Show me where people are told Medicaid and the subsidies are “loans”. 2. The people on Medicaid are on Medicaid because obamacare won’t let them pay a premium with a subsidy because Medicaid was expanded so their only choices are a) go on Medicaid, b) do without and take the penalty, or c) pay an outrageous non-subsidized premium with an outrageous deductible. 3. I don’t know how old you are but many people worked hard the first half of their lives to pay off their homes and debt and then take a less stressful and lower paying job so they can enjoy it all, or downsize their paid off home and put away a retirement nest-egg from the proceeds. Very easy to have assets yet a low income.

          • I’m not sure what your basic dilemma here is. You would like a health plan, and might qualify for Medicaid on the basis of incone, but don’t want to risk eventual asset forfeiture? Is that It? Because apparently, in the 4 years since that was written and with over 70 million people on Medicaid, it hasn’t happened once.

          • sb

            I will not go on Medicaid. Period. I don’t wish to be a part of any government controlled scam and since I am completely against this entire debacle, I refuse to be a part of it. Even if I could go on Medicaid, I won’t do it. Other people shouldn’t have to pay for me to get it “free” (at least free for now).

          • Do you feel the same way about Medicare? What about private insurers who screw people over and get away with it? I wouldn’t turn down anything if I were you. If tax dollars aren’t funding your health needs, they’re paying for some heroin addict’s prenatal care in Baltimore or Oklahoma City anyway. The entirety of health delivery in the U.S. is dog poop.

          • sb

            No, I don’t feel the same way about Medicare. I have been paying into it since I’ve been working, whether it be for a corporation or as an independent contractor.

            Am I happy with insurers? Less now than I was before obamacare, although sure, I wasn’t ecstatic about them then, either, but at least the premiums were semi-reasonable and I actually got something for my money. I agree with the last part you said, for sure.

          • Elcapitan

            OH this is going to cost you a fortune, good luck!

          • “Lots of people have now been forced into Medicaid who didn’t want to be there, solely based on their salary”

            This makes absolutely no sense at all. You’re saying people have to go on Medicaid because they don’t make enough money? Someone forces them to sign up for free healthcare they don’t want, because they would rather pay a premium?

            Honestly where are you getting this crap?

          • granitegrok


          • “Yes” what?

            I want to hear sb explain what he means by this:

            “Lots of people have now been forced into Medicaid who didn’t want to be there, solely based on their salary. Have you read the fine print about what happens to their assets both while they are alive and after they die?”

            No, I haven’t read this fine print but I assume it’s publicly available. So do tell sb, what are you talking about?

          • Ed Naile

            Jeemo Glewton
            If you fell off Lizzie’s couch and landed in a pile of beer bottles – who pays for your health care?
            Do authors of three dollar running books have insurance?

        • Ed Naile

          once again you have no proof

  • Nick Martin

    oh, and by the way, if he wants to be mad at someone — there’s no better target for his anger than the Republican-controlled Congress and White House.

    • And the insurance companies that can freely raise premiums and blithely pass on the blame to the most convenient political targets. Been going on forever.

      But the numbers in this account are made up anyway.

  • Egg #158834K

    Well golly there are so many in the pool guess I’ll jump in. I was able to self insure though somewhere around the poverty level. When I rarely needed something, I took care of it. But now between money I had to take care of myself now goes to forced insurance payments and the deductable what it is, I effectively cant afford the medical treatments I once did. I was able to take care of myself, now I am not allowed. But we anecdotes arent real people. Its not that we dont exist, we just dont matter compared to great machines of greatness. I am an egg in someones omelette.

  • Reddiaperbaby

    The guy is choosing to be an independent contractor, he can be an employee if he would like. Going into bussiness or being a contractor comes with risks, this is one do them.

    • 175jfs

      Who’s paying for your health care? Show your NRA card Mr. Butter.

      • Reddiaperbaby

        Lol my employer myself pay for my healthcare pal, no one else. Oh I’ll show you a card alright and it won’t be the NRA

        • 175jfs

          Your writing make no sense like everything else you post. So show it. What are you afraid of, pal?

          • Ed Naile

            He is “self-employed” as a washed up jogger who floats from couch to couch in Boulder, Colorado.
            He has no employer. Haunts the public library for internet access.
            Mental, drinking issues.
            Obsessed with GG.
            Go figure.

          • 175jfs

            Diaper issues, no doubt.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            your Writing makes no sense = i know you are right but i don’t want to admit it on this blog.

            I’m an attorney registered in MA,
            If you post your full credentials on here I will… so your full name, address, and BBO # and you can see mine. Deal?

          • sb

            I do find that hard to believe.

          • 175jfs

            Post your law degree you phony. About the thing you know about law is what you get to read at the prison library before lock down. We’re still waiting on you to post your NRA card Mr. 2nd Amend supporter.

          • Elcapitan

            Typical big mouth, until some makes puts your feed to the fire. FYI Law Degree does not equal Lawyer.

          • Ed Naile

            Please let me step in:
            Section 311:1
            311:1 Right to Appear, Etc. – A party in any cause or proceeding may appear, plead, prosecute or defend in his or her proper person, that is, pro se, or may be represented by any citizen of good character. For the purposes of this section, a citizen shall be presumed to be of good character unless demonstrated otherwise.
            Source. RS 177:1. CS 187:1. GS 199:1. GL 218:1. PS 213:1. PL 325:1. RL 381:1. RSA 311:1. 1996, 117:2. 1999, 251:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2000.
            Dear diaper baby:
            I have represented myself and other people from District to Superior Courts in NH since 1991.
            I have never been overruled when a judge was asked to do so by opposing counsel in representing another NH citizen, most recently in a DES case in front of a Master.
            I have written a Motion to Expedite that went through the NH Supra in four days, a bunch of 91-A cases and various cases involving zoning, elections, etc., basically, equity cases. No juries. Taxpayers would always win with juries so taxpayer issues are Equity – but you know that, right?
            It is my right in NH to represent another.
            You don’t sound like an attorney when you write or try and collect a thought for your trolling habit.
            So don’t bother giving your supposed credentials. They are worthless here.
            (And I am still waiting for Lizzie’s attorney brother to come after me. Remember your last pathetic threat? My address is still the same.)

  • Ed Naile

    Notice how Jeemo pops up after another famous troll was arrested in September 2016? (public intoxication/stalking??)
    He may be using a new moniker because people found him trolling here – and contacted me, of all people.
    Details to come.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      If you guys had a legit website with real authors maybe you wouldn’t get trolls? You seem more worried about who is posting than their actual posts. Get a grip sir

      • It’s no mystery why they do this. Sensible people generally avoid echo-chambers like this over the long term because there is no point in arguing with people whose entire platform us blaming a political party (either one) for their personal problems, and that is exactly what goes on here every day. Such people like and lie freely to bolster their BS, and in general are rewarded for this practice in the form of their fellow liars supporting them. It’s all great fun until someone comes along and challenges their delusional accounts, at which point they quickly change the subject by attacking the dissenting commenters, often by lying or speculating about their personal lives.

        This particular tale of woe could be easy verified if Skip’s friend were willing to come forward with his story. You’d think these poor folks shelling out three grand a month for health insurance while working 60 hours a week would be eager to make their voices heard, right? But instead, every one of these unbelievable horror stories about the ACA “mysteriously” emerges through the mouth of a friend or a proxy or a relative or someone who has merely been privy to the nightmare without experiencing it.

        Furthermore, these tales tend to appear on websites where the bulk of the content is aggressively counterfactual, like this one. I should say that not every bit of misinformation here is a lie, or at least I don’t think it is; a lot of it is just the result of poor thinkers trying to write about things they don’t understand, and employing emotional “reasoning.”

        In other words, until the person allegedly in the cross-hairs of this health-insurance tragedy actually tells it himself, using verifiable facts and documents, the chances of it being accurate are close to zero — especially because it’s eerily close to any number of accounts easily found using Google.

      • Ed Naile

        prove it

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