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Democrat Contradictions – Out Of State Influence in Local Elections

Democrats in New Hampshire take a lot of money from outside the state.  Don’t take my word for it, just go look it up.  Millions and Millions.  They use candidates, campaign committees, so-called non-profits, and even have super wealthy out of state special interest donors making personal donations here and there to move money around the campaign finance camp fire, often right into the state Democrat party coffer, then back out to your local races.

No one should be surprised or even taken aback at this because it is all part of the business of politics, every party does some of this, it is all perfectly legal, and everything was fine up until the point when the New Hampshire Democrat party decided to make it a recurring campaign issue against Republicans.   It wasn’t Democrats who were affected by objects of out of state money and influence, just the Republicans.

Democrats are clearly guilty of hypocrisy on the  issue (no surprise there), but whenever they start a narrative like this it is usually because they are doing something else that might be worse, that they need you to be distracted from.  And guess what?   They were.

When New Hampshire Democrats held the majority they made it legal for anyone claiming residence outside the state of New Hampshire to vote here.  So you could declare domicile in New Hampshire for just voting purposes without complication if your legal domicile for all other purposes was outside of New Hampshire.    This was the realization of a long time dream that had been brewing at the hands of left leaning bureaucrats, and hangers on, folks who had been looking for ways to use college kids to invalidate legitimate votes for years.

So how is that NOT legalizing out of state influence in local elections?

Were not just talking about left wing gay activists billionaires giving John Lynch money to run for governor (also here), or national progressives groups funneling millionaires contributions in state level franchises for Democrat canvassing, mailers, or lit drops, they did this at the actual ballot box.

They did it because a major voting bloc favorable to Democrats, college students, provided an opportunity for electoral success in towns with a college or university presence.  Being left leaning as a rule, liberal professors and on campus activists could rally even disinterested students and get them to the polls on election day–to vote Democrat.

Once at the polls they could easily sneak past the sleeping palace guards by use of same day registration (whose protections Democrats had also watered down for the same purpose) , get them a ballot (which was almost impossible to challenge without violating another law–thanks again to Democrats),  after which these out of state students could vote up and down the ticket, or on any item put before the actual residents of the affected towns on election day.  Once registered, they were free to rinse, lather, and repeat (for years and years until that name was (if ever) purged from the voting list by law),  as long as they or someone using their name was here on voting day, even if the legal residence was outside of the state of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Democrat Party legalized ballot stuffing with the votes of out of state residents.  They voted against Republicans fixing it, and now they want it back.