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Cilley Jackie Enters The Governor’s Race

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”—Henry Cate

MANCHESTER — Former District 6 Democrat state Senator Jackie Cilley has thrown her hat into the gubernatorial ring for the Granite State’s Corner Office. Joining Maggie “the Marxist” Hassan, she seeks to replace Governor John “Lefty” Lynch who will not seek another term. “Silly” Jackie came to the Manchester YWCA to make her pitch yesterday rolling out the same old tired liberal screed often heard before.   The Union Leader’s Beth LaMontagne-Hall reports, Cilley pledged to, “ensure quality education for all students, protect the environment, fight right-to-work legislation and keep same-sex marriage on the books in New Hampshire.

One thing not included in her Kool-Aid Drinkers Pep Rally repertoire is any statement about an income or sales tax. Looking forward at Granite State Fiscal Policy, Patrick Hynes over at NH Journal addressed the issue quite pointedly calling her, “Slippery Cilley.” Clearly, she has some astuteness to the issue that pro-income and sales tax rhetoric will sink her, as it did Mark “The Greatest American Hero” Fernald during his run for the corner office. Cilley dodges the issue. And you know what a “dodge” means…In that regard, Cilley is not silly.

Cilley Jackie takes aim at Republicans in the Legislature accusing Free Staters and Tea Partiers, of “attacking the very foundation of our traditions in the Granite State,” referring to them as “John Birch politicians in Concord,” her context undoubtedly meant as a pejorative,  According to their website, the John Birch Society advocates:

To bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.

Cilley Jackie logically would use that pejorative because JBS traditionally has been smeared by the left as Racist, Bigoted and homophobic and that fits the leftist template well.  But even if we assume such is true, the core principles espoused by JBS, gives creedence to why she would hiss that characterization.

Cilly Jackie is a reliable lefty because in progressive-leftist fashion, she advocates for all the things leftist: unfettered abortion on demand, (naturally ‘taxpayer-funded’); State minimum wage laws, despite the Federal standard; Strong bullyish arbitrary Environmental protections that choke out business with their pedantic rules;  and, Arbitrary Religious intrusion into Churches by way of same-sex marriage, passed when the lefties were in power.

In substance, We last heard from Cilley Jackie in May when she took to the pages of the Union Leader, to extol the virtues of the “Dear Leader” Chairman Obama in the wake of Bin Laden becoming “fish food.”  On her newly rolled out website she demonizes Big Tobacco over educating our children. My astute fellow Grokster Steve McDonald made this salient point in his December 9 blog entry,

“Only a progressive zipper-head would rely on more revenue from something they want to get rid of.    Increasing the tax on a declining market will only accelerate the unreliability of the revenue stream.  That  creates the opportunity for bigger budget holes that must then be filled on the fly.

Cilley Kool-Aid Drinkers are always reliable in this respect. When I think of liberals like Cilley Jackie raising tobacco taxes and demonizing smoking and smokers, I am reminded of an old Bob Hope quote where he once quipped, “When they asked Jack Benny to do something for the Actor’s Orphanage, he shot both of his parents and moved in.”

Lastly, I am keenly curious about what RINO’s will be establishing a website declaring their support for Cilley Jackie. I am guessing that she will likely garner the support of the Mad Hatter, no doubt.  Remember, “Republicans for Lynch?” The same “moderates” who supported the governor who took over 100K from Unions and vetoed Right to Work Legislation? And what might they call themselves? “Cilley Republicans?” The, “Kool-Aid wing of the New Hampshire GOP?” I like “Cilley RINO’s?”

There is all but one certainty in this political season. That certainty is the rank and file moon-battery we will all bear witness to in the deft pursuit of the corner office, for want of not getting their own way. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, let the libs start popping off now.   Make way for the churlish rants of Ray, “Buckles the Clown” Buckley and the “Shrill” Kathy Sullivan.  You know its coming and this is the stuff of bloggers’ dreams. This is the new Jackass sans Johnny Knoxville and the meat suit.