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Be Pro-Choice: Vote For The Right To Abort The Union.

The argument the left always falls back on when it comes to abortion policy is that no one is making anyone get an abortion.  What makes this particularly galling is that same people who promote abortion as a choice no one is forced to make are also against abstinence education.  They are therefore promoting the number one cause of unwanted pregnancy.  So sex is encouraged, increasing the odds that a woman might have to make the choice that no one is in theory forcing them in to.

So it should follow that if joining a union was a right like abortion, even if they just encouraged you to work, everyone would still have the right to choose.   Some liberal justice would have long ago ensconced that "right" into the US Constitution and we would not be having a debate in New Hampshire about the impending Veto Override vote in the NH House.  Workers could just decide if they wanted to abort the union.  But Democrats are hypocrites and choice is not choice, particularly in the workplace.  You will not, cannot be permitted to choose for yourself.  Unions are mandatory.

And of course the left and the unions go to great lengths to whine about adding jobs and livable wages, and workers rights.  Democrats have spent trillions pretending that the Government can actually create jobs.  Union Jobs, that is.   And they are serious about denying you a choice. Democrat Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi have indicated that the Federal government ought to be able to close down companies that are non-union or whose workers will not vote for collective bargaining.  And the Unions, who finance Democrat campaigns with mandatory dues dollars all agree.  So to Democrats the choice about joining a union is not an option.  There is no choice.

This is wrong.

Anyone who is qualified to perform a job should be able to accept it without being forced to pay tribute to union bosses and their partisan agenda.  It is nothing less than a government mandate to pay for a service to a third party, you do not need or want.  And any Republicans who buys into this progressive nonsense or allows themselves to be intimidated by unions to vote no, or into not voting at all, is sending a message that their vote is not about rights, or choice, or freedom, it is about politics and power.  They are in essence promoting or permitting the forced funding of the entire Progressive agenda.

Right to work allows you to abort the union.  No one is making you do that but it at least gives you a choice.  The Democrat party offers no choice; in fact they want to force unionization and mandatory dues (which end up in their campaign coffers) on every business and every industry.  The Democrats and the NLRB are doing everything they can to intimidate industry, to intimidate states, to do whatever it takes to deny you that choice.  That is not good for worker, workers rights, freedom, prosperity, or New Hampshire.

Override the Right to Work Veto in New Hampshire.  Give people the right to choose.