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“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.” —Adlai E. Stevenson

Following my recent RINO OF THE WEEK report, an amused reader and friend inquired, “Isn’t the RINO one of the world’s deadliest animals? Or is that the hippo…”

 Pondering this for a minute, I juxtaposed the question concerning the herbivorious, odd-toed ungulate native to Africa and parts of Asia: The “Rhinoceros”.  versus Political RINO’s….an acronym for, “Republican In Name Only,”.  

While “Rhinos” are related to the horse, zebra, and tapir; are known for their bad eyesight, good hearing, and mud-rolling. RINO’s, on the other hand are ambiguous about who they are related to…some show a Republican-leaning while others a full out leftist Democrat leaning. RINO-eyesight is through rose-colored glasses and instead of rolling in the mud, they sling mud. That sums it up for me, Nevertheless my response was as follows:

  •  “Rhino”…(short for Rhinoceros) lives only on the continent of Africa and some parts of Asia…While the American RINO can be found everywhere in America.
  • The “Rhino” is a mild-mannered animal that only charges when threatened, unlike the “RINO” who will throw everybody under a bus to achieve his or her own end.
  •  Rhinos wallow in mud to protect their sensitive skin from sunburn and insect bites, while “RINO’s” throw mud, burn conservatives and bite the hands of their constituents.
  •  A “Rhino” dung pile can stand up to three feet high, while RINO Bullsh*t keeps piling higher and deeper with no clear end in sight until tossed from office.
  • The world’s rhino population has decreased 90% since 1970 (due to poaching) While the American “RINO” population has increased 250% since 1994 due to the contemporary concepts of “integrity and honesty” and the self-serving amorality of those who run with an R next to their name because with a “D” they cannot get elected….
  • Rhinos use dung (poop!) to communicate with other rhinos…So do RINO’s…when the American RINO speaks, the bullsh*t really flies….

So, Rhinos can be deadly, but left alone they are quite serene…”RINOs”, on the other hand, can be destructive, leaving the Republican party divided and on the ash heap of defeat under the heavy and burdensome yoke of statist and socialist policies. RINO’s have an unfulfilled need to be liked by everybody and will sacrifice their own to achieve that.

RINO’s (either directly-like Peter Leishman used to do before he crossed over… or indirectly, like those in the RINO report do ) collude with leftist-progressive Democrats to divide the party, paralyze the party platform irrespective of the vote to adopt it, and fancy themselves as the smartest people in the room. Finally, RINO’s frequently tell lies.


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