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NH Dems Target ‘Free State Project.’

OWS protester craps on police car.

Manchester City Democrats are concerned.  People need to know which candidates in City races have links to the Free State Project, so they’ll "know where they stand on the issues." (From the Tuesday morning edition of the Union Leader)

It sounds like the folks at the Suckley (Sullivan/Buckley) School for Orwellian Linguistics are using peoples lack of knowledge about the liberty movement to frighten them out of voting for anyone they can label as a Free Stater. 

Guilt by association.  Prejudice.  Create division. Fear mongering narrative. Typical.

Of course we could never in a million years suggest that the gentleman crapping on a police car at the Occupy Wall Street (Democrat Party Endorsed) protest, is in any way an example of the Democrat Party.  (Looks like he’s trying to pass ObamaCare.) The trash, the arrests.  Then of course there are other recent union protests, violent threats, wishing rape and violence on Republican Women, video games where you get to kill Republican ‘Zombies,’ calling Republicans Racists for liking a conservative candidate who happens to be black–while calling the black man a monkey in a window…Can you find any prominent New Hampshire Democrats who have spoken out against any of the ill heaped on their opponents?  Probably not.  That is because they support it.

That is who the Democrats are.  And it is important to know where they stand on the issues.  Sneaking your teenage daughter off for a secret abortion is a right of the state.  They try to legislate away speech they object to. They spending your money until there is almost a billion dollar deficit–while hiding that debt with backroom accounting tricks.  The Democrats do not believe the income and wages you earn with your labor belong to you. The right to defend yourself is subordinate to the states right to investigate crimes committed against you once the Democrat supporting police officer arrives.  If you try to make your town or city budget more affordable (because it is your money), expect Democrat party supporting union members to boycott or otherwise intimidate you into changing your mind.  The Democrats want to grow the government at your expense because those people will become dependent on government and the Democrat party–and donate accordingly.  And worst of all, they trust government more than they trust you as a person.

The Democrat party is a giant pro-government clique committed to separating you from your property to finance their climb to power.

And the pro-liberty movement?  They think you are smart enough not to need Democrats or all that wasteful government to run your life, nor take your freedom in the process, because you can’t take one without taking the other. 

Big government mandated control by Democrats at your expense or small, necessary government, and more personal liberty and economic freedom.  Now go ahead and pick one.