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NH Dem Narrative: Maggie Hassan Is A Moderate

Margaret "Maggie" Hassan

They are already trying to sell presumptive Democrat candidate for governor Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan as a moderate.

(If you believe that I have a shovel ready project for you.)

You will be hearing this moderate meme from elected state officials, prominent political figures of old, political insiders, bureaucrats, people who have worked with her “across the aisle,” and of course the predominantly left-leaning media.  They will tell you that Maggie is a moderating influence and that there are many cases where “Republicans” have found common ground with her.

Don’t be too surprised if a) no one names any examples or b) the “middle ground” they mention is a good bit left of center.

Hassan’s faux-moderate inclinations are already being linked to her public support of No Labels, a Democrat-run and Democrat funded scam to mislead independents, a move which I identified immediately as a political ploy (link broken) in advance of her eventual run for the governor’s office.

Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan is advocating No Labels because she wants to be governor Hassan; think of it as an undocumented progressives worker program or Fascists anonymous–only it’s not about recovery or remission, it is about hiding who you really are from the voters until after you get elected.

Despite the obvious leftness of Hassan, prepare for an endless litany of comparisons to John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen, both of whom the left’s historians present as “moderate” Democrat governors.  Tax increases, massive deficits, gay marriage, and RGGI are moderate potions?  I don’t think so.  But w.en you are telling tall tales, the taller the better.

So this narrative is the PR campaign they will push, one with no basis in fact.  Because the facts are inconvenient.

Hassan is a left-wing, government-first, spend then tax Democrat who wants socialized medicine, supports abortion from conception to birth (also here), and was more than willing to trample on opponents with the “Sullivan/Hassan Hates Speech (the left can’t control) amendment.” (also here, and here, …)  She is also willing to lie about her opponents to get re-elected.

OK.  All of those issues are important to independents, and Hassan is on the wrong side of all of them. That makes her a typical left-wing New Hampshire  Democrat.  And that’s just what I could dig up in a few minutes.

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, not at all a conservative or strictly Republican group, has rated Hassan’s legislative performance since 2006 and even the socially open-minded Libertarians could not find a reason to give her better than a D- on her Liberty Rating from 2006 to 2009.  In 2007 she received an ‘F,’ and in 2008 she was rated as a constitutional threat.

Hassan consistently ranks to the left of the leftists, as far from the middle as you can get, even to the left of the left of center middle the Democrats are trying to stake out for “moderates.”  So how does a moderate Democrat go from a D to an F,  to a constitutional threat, and still be considered a moderate Democrat?  She never was one. Oops, wrong answer.  Narrative.  Messaging.  Media stenographers.  The political-media culture will try to sell Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan the way they did Obama.  Hide from the truth, control the message, use misdirection, and ridicule opponents as out of touch extremists, or paid for hacks.  Standard Left-wing projection, if you did not already know that.

That is where we are right now, and Hassan has not even formally announced; though I understand she has some “staff” and has  been fundraising since before Lynch even announced he was not seeking reelection.  No. I’m sure she wasn’t tipped off in advance – cough cough.

The battle lines are drawn.  Hassan is a leftist trying to run to the center and her party, the press, and even a few establishment Republicans will likely support the Moderate Maggie narrative if they suspect that they’ll have more influence with her in Concord than they would with a Republican in the Governors office.

Stop scoffing.  That’s how it has been around here for years and most if not all of you scoffers know it.  We know it too.  And we’re taking notes.  Hassan is die hard leftist.  Anyone who says different had best prepare to be challenged on it.