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Ray Buckley and his faux Mea Culpa

“Hypocrisy is great fodder for comedy.” ~Mo Rocca


 The New Hampshire Democratic Party agreed to pony up  a $5,000 fine upon a finding of the Attorney General that the Democrats violated state law regarding its delivery of pre-recorded political message to 394 homes, presumably Republican, in House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s district on the eve of the primary. The legal violation was Ray’s failure to name the political organization paying for the call within the first 30 seconds of the message and the Democratic Party failed to make that disclosure.

Perhaps it was in fact an oversight on Raymond’s part…One can only guess; and, that does make some logical sense in context. ON the other hand, This is “Ray Buckley” we are talking about. the same Ray Buckley that misdirects, tells untruths and demagogues. So, in the inverse, its equally easy to see it from another perspective. Ray was probably as giddy as a school girl in the making of this message. For this is the type of pandering and demagoguing that is so famously Ray Buckley…the punch line provocateur of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “Buckles the Clown” (as we so affectionately call Ray) took the actions of a state rep’s attempt to get his name on the Democratic ballot, and politicized it without any nod for Democrats who have done the very same thing a number of times…Buckley was targeting O’Brien simply because he was in line for the speaker position. That is all this was.

Let us not forget how eight years later Republicans were still hearing all the blather and caterwauling about the phone jamming debacle…And,  even from late comers like Harrell Kirstein. And now that Buckles in on the hot seat, he wants to simply pay the fine and move on? While the two examples are different from one another in scope and scale, Ray still wants likes to have it both ways….Hypocrisy.  

and the story would not be complete without Harrell Kirstein weighing in in the UL to call D.J. Bettencourt the, “Don Rickles of New Hampshire politics.” Which is fine because Harrell is the Norm Crosby of the Democratic party along with his former side-kick Michael “Foster Brooks” Brunelle. And certainly, it will be interesting to see what the “Shrill Kathy” has to bloviate and pander about in the next UL op-ed feature.

I do give a hat tip to the New Hampshire Democrats for their consistency, though. Despite being pinched and handed a 5K fine, they still manage to point, wagging their fingers at Republicans, engaging in name-calling, dismissing and minimizing the actions they have engaged in which invited the fine, all while clinging to their holier-than-thou liberal attitudes. While everyone will agree that this is a screw-up, one thing is certain is that there are no adults running the democratic party. They like to tee-hee and laugh about the Republican party issues, while they all “run with scissors.”


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