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Concord Monitor’s Editorial Shell Games


For a moment, at least, a nation united” the headline informs in the Concord Monitor. The monitor editorial continues on reflecting on the losses born out of 9/11, on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq and how our lives have changed since, all of which is very stoic and reflective.

 But leave it to those lefties over there at the capitol city fish wrapper, they could not leave it at that. Nope! Despite their headline, they spared no morsel and took a multitude of pot shots at the prior administration. Okay, whatever….I mean, your guy is in power. Bin Laden’s demise occurred on his watch, so the only question left to ask is, “what’s the point?” Talk about limited.   

News Event: George W. Bush is seen crossing the Potomac river on foot.

The Eagle Tribune: “President Bush crosses the Potomac River”.

The Union Leader : “Bush’s conservative approach saves taxpayers a boat”.

Concord Monitor: “Bush can’t swim”.


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