The news of Bin Laden’s demise was barely minutes old before the politicizing began in earnest. In the hours that followed, Barbara Walters on the view retorts, “I would hate now to be a Republican candidate thinking of running,” Like this somehow cancels out the high gas prices, the economy being in the toilet and the willingness to show arbitrary and bumbling leadership (if one can call it that) on the domestic issues.

 This President did nothing… Nothing at all! Not one of his policies or leadership initiatives brought Bin Laden to his demise. The intelligence infrastructure was already in place. The military infrastructure is the one constant despite this Neophyte-progressive who has not yet gutted and watered it down to be more reflective of his apologist foreign policy. Moreover, to fully credit Bin Laden’s demise to Obama, is contrary to his ongoing foreign policy doctrine of America-loathing and apologies for our hegemonic role. Bin Laden’s demise was long pre-determined before Obama took his oath of office; The only unknown lay simply in determining, “how, when or where,” Bin Laden would meet his demise.

 Obama does deserve some credit, to be fair. This is one of those moments in history where he was faced with a decision. And history will judge that he made the right decision, no doubt.  But that is exactly what this is and little more. President Obama was that proverbial, “100th customer to walk through the door and win the Ford Pinto.”  Sitting in a comfy situation room in the White House watching the meat-eaters of SEAL TEAM SIX, “take care of business,” doing only what they do so well and masterfully would have occurred in this space and time regardless of who is President, for it is only they who achieve the impossible. Had this been a Republican Administration, the lame stream media would be lining up the pundits to talk about, “the lawless, thuggish acts of the administration.”

 If you want to give some credit, then take three minutes today and take a knee for SEAL Team Six. It is these beloved “dogs of war” these unsung heroes who give so much to this country for so little asked. 


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