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How About Them Nazis?

Given how touchy the New Hampshire Democrat Party (NHDP) leadership is about comments relating to Jews and Nazis I wanted to wait a few days before addressing the words of Tennessee House Democrat Steve Cohen to see if they had something to say.  Cohen made a few, lets call them ‘off-hand remarks,’ about Nazi propaganda ministers, Republicans and Nazi tactics.  He then did it again with spin.  And again. And..Zzzz

I guess the new left wing civility is not much different from the old, nor is the NHDP’s selective silence on comments they deemed uncivil from a Republican but just ignore coming from one of their own.

Selective hate?Or is their some handy excuse for Cohen’s remarks? 

"This is what happens when the electorate plucks a hate-monger like Alan Grayson from well of the House. It leaves an angry rhetorical void which the evolutionary process of secular-humanist, left wing "civility" must adapt to fill with vulgar comments by representatives from Tennessee."


"Cohen was taken out of context, besides he has no history of uncivil rhetoric."

According to Hot Air Cohen was calling Republicans and TEA Party folks Klansman with fashion sense less than a year ago, ignoring his own parties Klan ties sans fashion sense. (Thread count wasn’t such a big deal before Martha Stewart.)

Or maybe it is because Cohen is a democrat and they all agree with him?

That would explain the silence from the bluest parts of downtown Concord.  Cohen is just being Cohen and that civility stuff Obama was spewing at the less than somber Rah-rah requiem in Arizona… that wasn’t meant for democrats except perhaps to reload the rhetorical 60-cal for the next time they need to line up the cross-hairs on some right winger who uses the words ‘reload,’ or ‘cross-hair,’ or even Nazi in the wrong context.