Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small "L" libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America's Founders back into our culture again.


Notable Quote – Thomas Sowell

Similarly, people who discuss raising the government-mandated minimum wage talk as if this would automatically mean having the lowest-paid workers’ income rise, from $10 an hour to $15 per hour, for example. In reality, for millions of inexperienced and unskilled young workers, it can mean that the wages they receive in fact fall from $10 an hour to zero, when …

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Data Point – Income Inequality?

..I mean, are Americans really no better off than they were during the late 1970s? I hear that stated quite frequently. But this chart of real income growth tells a different story. Please note that all the lines have been headed higher. Also note the 79 percent gain for the bottom 20 percent in post-transfer/tax …

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Democrat vs GOP heros

Actually, instead of Oprah, Farrell, and Kimmel, it should have been Marx, Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School. (H/T: Powerline)

A political point well made

This would be the race between incumbent (and re-elected) Ted Cruz and his Progressive / Socialist opponent, Robert Francis (“Beto”) O’Rourke.  The former being the real Hispanic and the latter being the Irishman deciding he would identify as a Hispanic because the means justifies the end in Progressive politics. You know, like lilly white Elizabeth …

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Quick Thought – another thing on the NH GOP’s “we’ve done this to ourselves” list

The Tennessee Star picked up something that I had written at the very end of this post: If the NH Republican Party wants to win, and win Consistently, act like you believe in the Platform.  Speak like you do and at each and every turn.  Vote like you do at each and every opportunity.  And Legislate like there’s no tomorrow because two days …

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Red Flag Laws - Image Newsmax

Seacoast Online wants to know if ME and NH are ready for “Red Flag” Laws

Seacoast Online wants to know if Maine and New Hampshire are ready for “Red Flag” Laws and is asking for you to take a poll: “Are you open to NH and Maine creating Red Flag Laws?” You know – where people who are worried that someone with some kind of a problem, (mental illness like …

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