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“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater

This Week’s RINO of the Week is Representative-elect Kevin Janvrin of Seabrook, Rockingham  District 14. Janvrin was not even on the radar screen until he spoke to WMUR’s James Pindell, declaring his ROTW_Kevin_Janvrin_Grok.jpg
election a repudiation on the Tea Party. Many might ask how Janvrin could possibly garner the ROTW award, not having even cast one vote yet. Others might ask, could this be because he is against Right to Work legislation? No. Other Republicans-in-name-only who have voted against right to work, also voted for progressive, anti-liberty legislation in conjunction with right to work. The test is totality.

Janvrin earned the title this week solely for his flippant attitude toward that segment of our society commonly known as the “Tea Party.” The Tea Party is a collection of people from both sides of the aisle that truly believe government has become too big, unaccountable, spends too much and does not listen to the citizens.  In response, elitist liberal politicians, both at the state and federal level have attacked the Tea Party and essentially declared war on citizens who characterize themselves as Tea Party Patriots.

We have State Reps like Tony Soltani and Matt Quandt who’s names have been submitted for consideration in the RINO of the Week Report. But supporting Unions and opposing Right to Work as a single issue is not enough to garner the ROTW selection.

We have Larry “Koko” Perkins in our midst who voted against right to work and voted against the budget.  He has been considered for ROTW. But when one reviews his voting record, he shows a solid allegiance to many mainstream conservative issues. I am not above calling people I disagree with RINO’s. but to call someone a RINO one must have credibility.

When asked by a WMUR’s James Pindell what Janvrin’s election meant, he responded, “The Tea Party needs to get out of New Hampshire.” Basically, Janvrin conveyed his sentiment that his neighbors, some life-long Granite-Staters…born here, need to pack up their tents and move elsewhere.

When a newly elected State Representative, who runs as a Republican, then talks like a Pelosi-ite, that is a fast-track to the top of the list for RINO of the Week…and that is why Representative-elect Janvrin is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK.


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