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Biden-Bernie socialism

Is this the Face of the New Socialist?

Democrats have spent a lot of time in recent years trying to shake off the label of “socialist.” Barack Obama used to brush it aside, scoff at it.  When Joe Biden was asked about it recently, he answered more directly, boasting, “I beat the socialist…Do I look like a socialist?”

FDR Stole Two-Thirds Of Americans' Savings

FDR Stole Two-Thirds of Americans’ Savings

Remember when FDR stole two-thirds of Americans’ savings? No, of course you don’t. It happened 87 years ago. The last time that populism existed as a major force in the world was in the 1930s. What we’re experiencing today is similar to what happened in the 1930s in many ways.

The Shroud of Socialism

The shroud of socialism won’t be lifted with Bernie’s defeat

  Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing:  Bernie Sanders cannot defeat President Trump in the general election.  While his raucous crowds and early campaign victories suggest widespread support, a recent Gallup poll confirms that 53 percent of Americans surveyed would not vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

Winning in Trump’s Economy.

Winning in Trump’s Economy

Who is winning in Trump’s economy? In his State of the Union address the President rolled out an eye-catching statistic.  He said the wealth held by the poorest half of American households increased three times as fast as the wealth held by the “1%” under his administration.  Wealth means net worth.  This is true according …

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Wealth the Accumulation of the Results of Labor

Wealth is not some mystical entity which either government or birthright endows. It isn’t something that the “haves” enjoy by depriving the “have nots” of their fair share. Wealth represents the accumulation of the results of labor.

Disqus Doodlings – no, capitalism requires cooperation – LOTS of it. Part 2 of ??

Yeah, this Treehugger post on Einstein hating capitalism is gonna be a gold mine for blogging fodder.  Even as I write this, the neo-socialist-enviros are pushing back on the Freedom to transact voluntarily (e.g. Capitalism).  Another pick at the pot by Brian who, along with most there, hates the idea of the fruits of Capitalism: …

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Data Point – Income Inequality?

..I mean, are Americans really no better off than they were during the late 1970s? I hear that stated quite frequently. But this chart of real income growth tells a different story. Please note that all the lines have been headed higher. Also note the 79 percent gain for the bottom 20 percent in post-transfer/tax …

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