Students Bash Trump for Profiting from Presidency...Wait, That was Obama! - Granite Grok

Students Bash Trump for Profiting from Presidency…Wait, That was Obama!

Campus Reform Virginia

Campus Reform does some great student-on-campus interviews. They pose issues, get their thoughts, then ask them or tell them it was actually Obama. This time around they grapple with the false narrative that Trump and his family are profiting from the Presidency. Nope, that was Obama.

President Donald Trump, before entering office, was best known for his colossal business empire. Trump built a name and brand for himself and skyrocketed his net worth into the billions. But, since taking office, Trump’s net worth has decreased.

Former President Barack Obama, however, increased his net worth thirty-fold after moving into the White House, according to one estimate.

Yes, it’s more democrat projection. Claim Republicans are guilty of whatever they are doing.

The Obama’s have attained a disturbing amount of wealth from the Presidency. Not as much as the Clinton’s but give them time.

Until then, check this out.

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