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An Essay: What is “Constitutional”? Who decides?

Yesterday I cited an 1886 Supreme Court decision that ruled that unconstitutional actions or statutes are…inoperative, and of no effect (see it HERE). My long-time buddy and fellow lawyer—I’ll call him Larry—sent me a friendly warning about that post, as follows:

The Free State Project gonna get your momma!

Good stuff! The outbreak of fear and trembling over the surging Free State Project freedom-fighters also helps expose the bigotry and narrow-mindedness of Statists, including even elected representatives. Best of all, New Hampshire bigotry alerts have gone national, being picked up and prompting a discussion at no less than Instapundit, as follows:

Beneficent Statism: An Opiate for the Masses

I cannot resist posting the following thoughts, which are in response to my “Rumination” posting earlier today. These words come from a member of the NH State House of Representatives who tells me…

Only in the minds of DC tax-grabbers is my house a “tax loophole”

I had seen this before but when I read it again, the only thoughts I have is “Is this my house or the Government’s?” and “At what point does Government’s stash no longer needs more of my [much diminished] stash?” when looking at “tax loophole” that I take advantage of when I, well, live in …

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The End of the Beginning of the End

When not caused by war, nations decay slowly and gradually (e.g., modern day France, Italy, Spain, Greece etc.). Alas, now, it seems ours is no different. Its exceptionalism is dissolving into the ordinary. It’s a choice made by the people. They fore-go liberty and self subjugate themselves under ruling political and administrative classes of which …

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