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Do Kids Need to Get Sick?

I have been attempting to talk with my kids’ private school, as well as starting with their religious school, into – at the least – setting criteria for when the mandatory mask-wearing can be dropped.

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More Science That Says Kids Should All Be Back in School

Every time I read the NH Union Leader’s Tag line, I laugh. The state’s “biggest” newspaper reminds us that “There is nothin as Powerful as Truth.” How about not reporting it? That’s pretty powerful and has become the rule rather than the exception among New Hampshire “media.”

Compliance Is Not Part of the U.S. Constitution

Compliance Is Not Part of the U.S. Constitution

Did you know compliance is not part of the U.S. Constitution? Your government was the cause of closing down public schools. They did it for the children. Now your government is “restructuring” school. It is moving forward under the guise of “public safety.”