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Save Women’s Sports

Nashua City Attorney Tells Aldermen They Can’t Restrict Content of Speech

At last night’s Nashua Board of Aldermen meeting, the aldermen debated an ordinance to put new restrictions on public comment at public meetings. They discussed banning public comment that is “rude or profane.” City Attorney Steve Bolton warned the alderman that such a ban could be ruled unconstitutional.

Selina's Run

Flag Raised Over Nashua City Hall To Protect Fairness for Female Sports

Yesterday, we raised the Save Women’s Sports flag over Nashua City Hall, where it will fly all week in the lead up to Selina’s Run, a virtual run starting on Saturday, October 17 to raise funds to benefit the mission of the Save Women’s Sports organization to protect fairness for female sports.

Men are Dominating Women’s Sports

New Hampshire women athletes are losing to men in sports; men who have gone through male puberty and who are much stronger and faster than the women they’re competing against.

Women Helping Men Dominate Women’s Sports

The self-proclaimed feminists of the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation have lost their way and no longer work to protect women’s rights. Instead, they consider any man who proclaims himself to be a woman to be eligible for women’s hard-fought-for rights, totally negating the purpose of having sex-specific rights for women.