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The Cost of Lockdowns

Public Health Tyranny never sleeps, so we must continue to share evidence that it is not just tyranny, but government oppression for no positive gain.

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Op-Ed – I Implore you, Governor Sununu, OPEN NH!

Two nights ago I walked into my bedroom to find my 16-year-old daughter sitting cross-legged, hunched over on my bed, tears running down her pale face, sobs coming out of her mouth. She doesn’t want to go on with school work, communicating, or with life in general.

Home Free

Palate Cleanser – “Quarantine!” by Home Free

Heh!  I used to watch this group on a show called “The Sing Off” – an acapella singing competition that ran for a few years a few years ago now. They were pretty good then but this semi-cover and adaption of “Honesty” just hits the spot: (H/T: DCE over at Weekend Pundit)