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Governor Sununu – Tear Down This “Wall”


We’ve been circling this for weeks. Examining it with our heads tilted, squinty-eyed. Poking at it with a stick. The use of emergency orders to restrict commerce. Confine citizens. All in the name of health and safety. All of which have a very limited shelf life. As in, times up!

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At your next press conference, Gov. Sununu, we want you to explain the exit strategy. Because you have reached the limit of your authority and we have reached the limit of our tolerance for this tyranny. I think New Hampshire businesses should give you a week to make a suggestion and then just decide to take control of their businesses and employees on their own. Maybe, regardless.

It was easy enough for you to let men use the ladies’ room, how hard can this be? Governor Sununu, Tear Down This ‘Wall’!

Live Free or Die!

The State does not have this power. We never granted it to them. They cannot turn our towns, states, and nation into a police state, but that’s what has happened. And we let them.

But as emergencies go, we’ve done our part in total. It is now time for individuals and businesses to accept responsibility for their own personal plans.

We are being programmed into accepting that the State has this power and that when they shout, crisis, danger, Tuesday!, we are obligated to immediately bow down. Sorry, I think we need to be done doing that. Not living that way. Not going to happen.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protect our right to freely assemble and associate. That includes our choice of employment, the agreements we make with employers in that regard, and when and where we will gather for these purposes. It also includes our decisions about engaging in commerce with local businesses or gathering for any other purpose.

Is there an emergency? Yes. We, as a people, shall no longer permit the state to suppress our rights.

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If you own a business you should be free to decide what the current environment means to you, your employees, and your business. If you feel like you need to change how you do business, you decide that. Communicate it to your employees and customers and let them decide how to proceed. 

Free, informed people accept risks every time they step out the door. We do not shut down the economy or contain people’s rights for that. This is no different. Individuals need to be informed but also free to calculate the risk and make decisions for themselves, their friends, coworkers, and family.

Germaphobes, stay home. A high-risk person in your family, you work that out. In your workplace, work it out. Schools, Town elections, local events, are certainly part of the government’s role, but they work for you. At this point, these acts of force must be reduced to information sharing and very little else. 

I’m willing to defer to the Governor for a few days for him to tell us he has a plan and what it is. Not because I feel like I need his permission, but to test whether or not he’s more committed to the power he has assumed during this event than he is to the rights of his citizens to be treated like adults who can and should be free to make these decisions for themselves and accept whatever follows from that.

I’m not being dismissive of the “emergency” I’m just telling you that the real emergency isn’t the one they are advertising. One that has implications with side-effects we may never overcome regardless of how history documents what we’ve been put through these past few weeks.