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CoronaComedy – Cabin Fever Leads to Humor When You’re Trapped Inside

Corona Comedy

As the nation and the world go nuts over the flu and we appear on the verge of any number of restrictions (canceled events, closed schools, and so on) in the US, we should look to the east. A new pandemic has also started there. Cabin Fever. And in response is strange and hilarious.

When you have nothing to do and can’t go anywhere, filling the time becomes your primary occupation. Over in China, where they’ve had mass quarantine for some time, there is plenty of humor to be found.

This guy hunted it down, curated it, and is sharing it as part of his stand up at a charity event.

And it works.

Some of the antics are laugh-out-loud funny. Check it out, and take notes. This could be us soon.

In English with English and foreign language subtitles

Thanks to Kathleen for the link