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Carry a cellphone

Carry a Cellphone? … Pay Government to Track You

If you carry a cellphone in your pocket you may as well be wearing an ankle bracelet. Think about it. Cell phones are convenient devices. They are handy for connecting us with loved ones, paying bills and accessing information. They are also silently and continuously reporting on our every move.

Health Freedom New Hampshire logo

Health Freedom NH – Bills to watch on Monday, March 1st

Note: at Tuesday night’s reboot of our GrokMeetup series, I met a couple of ladies that said they were part of Health Freedom NH and wanted to get the word out on some bills that they wanted to bring to peoples’ attention.


AFP-NH Puts a Focus on 10 Key Legislative Priorities for 2021

Last week American’s for Prosperity New Hampshire published a list of legislative priorities for the Granite State in 2021. They’ve put a much-needed focus on ten pieces of legislation covering Education, Licensing, Free Speech, Asset Forfeiture, Health Care, and (believe it or not) Climate Change (sort of).

Apple Facebook - Image Credit - The Ringer

Apple Restrictions on Ad Targeting Mean It’s Game On

Facebook wants to hear gaming companies’ concerns about Apple’s new mobile operating system. Apple’s iOS 14 update will limit the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Gaming companies reliant on Facebook ads may curb ad spending. This would include Google, Snap, and Twitter.