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State’s Are Adopting Digital Drivers Licenses – A Digital Identity That Could go Well Beyond Driving

Map of States using or testing digital drivers licenses

A handful of states have embraced or are testing the use of a digital driver’s license. A virtual passport in your smartphone that links your digital person to the real one. Advocates are selling it as a way to provide credentials everywhere you go, and why exactly would we need that?

LifeSite News has a nice list for us.


  • An international standard for mobile drivers’ licenses and mobile IDs was approved for publication August 18, 2021, clearing the way for global use
  • Mobile IDs will act as a digital identity that will ultimately tie in to retail, health care, law enforcement and travel sectors
  • Ultimately, the IDs will also act as vaccine passports, making it easy to display whether you’ve gotten a COVID-19 injection — and any other future injections that come about — in order to go about your daily life
  • Some have speculated that the introduction of digital IDs and vaccine passports in the U.S. is laying the infrastructure for a social credit system like the one being used in China

Control is always the goal, and freedom and privacy are barriers to that.

Masking mandates, states defining what is and is not essential, pressure to vaccinate, limiting life for those who refuse to comply with any state edict, and every possible level of tracking. The potential for a social credit system.

A digital driver’s license makes all those things – increased control – more attainable.

I’m not conspiratorial about big tech tracking. They know where I am, what I buy, can listen in on conversations, and who knows what else. And they could be required to give some or all of that to the government, but when the government requires you to use an app that can potentially track you to control you and your behavior, limit your access to public or private services, that’s not happening if I can help it.


Map of States using or testing digital drivers licenses


Advocates insist that users can define permissions. Sure, I bet they can, or at least think they can until they can’t.

I believe that warrants need to be acquired for anyone to release any information that tech giants may have farmed from your life. That may not always be how it gets done – and we know that from past articles on these pages. State surveillance via sealed secret warrants is a thing, but I’m not going to just give them potential 24/7/365 access to my activity.

It’s none of their business.

But it’s here, and states are embracing it, and federal rules will be promulgated, and that virus will spread more rapidly in the wake of our failures to prevent the atrocities committed against person and privacy since COVID19 became a thing.

Legislators need to be made aware of the trend and encouraged to create laws to protect us from these sorts of mandates as well.

You know, for years, a few folks did all the heavy lifting to protect us from random surveillance in the granite state—no license plate reading cameras. EZ Pass plate video had to be deleted quickly after confirmation. That firewall is collapsing.

This may be the next one, but we’ll have to build a wall first and then guard it jealously.